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Posted on 08 June 2016

Il componente è ottimo e fornisce ottime funzionalità ad un costo davvero accessibile.

Ease of use

Il pannello di controllo è facile ed intuitivo... Con un po' di attenzione anche un utente medio può gestitre i propri annunci immobiliare.


Il supporto è ottimo! La risposta ai quesiti arriva, solitamente, nell'arco di poche ore. È difficile che un problema resti irrisolto!


Anche la documentazione è abbastanzia chiara ed esaudiente...

I used this to: Col in gruppo di cui faccio parte utilizziamo il componente per il sito:
Il cliente gestisce gli annunci in completa autonomia.


JSocialFeed ottima estensione!

Posted on 02 July 2015

L'estensione funziona correttamente e si installa in modo semplice e veloce.

Ease of use

È utilissima soprattutto nei casi in cui sia necessaria la pubblicazione di news provenienti dai diversi canali Social nonché da RSS.


Il supporto è ottimo, immediato ed in lingua italiana. Ho avuto un problema e l'ho risolto in pochi minuti grazie alla risposta del Supporto


Documentazione tecnica completa ed esaustiva.

I used this to: Abbiamo usato l'estensione sui siti:
Ozio Gallery

Ozio Gallery

Free | Galleries | Alexred & Ste
409 reviews
Ozio Gallery is a responsive photo and VIDEO gallery designed for Joomla, written in javascript which shows images published ONLY on Google Photos personal profile and video from YouTube. All your images and video are cloud hosted and automatically scaled using hi-quality settings. We want to present you the new Fuerte and Nano and jGallery and lightGallery (video support) skin in the Ozio Gallery extension – the first FREE responsive and adaptive Joomla Image Gallery. limit to 30 photo max for album in the free version ✔ Load image only from Google Plus album. ✔ Load video only from YouTube in the Skin lightGallery. ✔ Unlimited photo uploads. ✔ Automatically photo resized. ✔ Category and image title. ✔ Show also limited (private) albums from Google Plus. ✔ Support for adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles or modules. ✔ Album list index view. ✔ Links that go directly to a single image.(Deep Linking). ✔ Full screen template (responsive & adaptive!). ✔ Photo statistic. ✔ Exif data support, also map point from GPS coordinates for every image. ✔ Map all gallery photos, displaying beautiful maps with your photos by using EXIF Data or geocoding. ✔ Photowall thumbnails. You can also share photos in your site directly from your Android phone or iPhone by the Google Photos APP. Adaptive, detects visitor browser windows size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of images. Native Joomla extension, open source and GPL. Do not support the Google Plus business page albums and Google Suite account. Only from the personal Gmail profile and Google Photos. Ozio Gallery do not support the video in Google Photos and do not support the 360° Photos. If you do not want to have visible menu items of every galleries that you have included in the content or modules or list you need to move these menu items to a new hidden menu. Create a new menu which we will call such 'hidden' here you can move or create your menu items of Ozio Gallery that you want to insert in content or module or list. This menu should remain published and also the menu items should remain published. The module of this menu may not be published so as not to appear on the site giving you the possibility to use also the galleries created in the hidden menu. Simple :) Skin Fuerte is based on Supersized Design/Development by Build Internet project by Sam Dunn of One Mighty Roar ( Skin Nano is based on nanoGALLERY Design/Development by Christophe Brisbois ( Skin jGallery is based on jGallery Design/Development by Jakub Kowalczyk ( Skin lightGallery is based on lightGallery Design/Development by Sachin N ( Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a subscription to request support by mail. However, its documentation and the public forum is free: Changelog Ozio Gallery Ver. 4.8.1 : 10 Mar 2017 : Update Skins jgallery v1.6.1, lightgallery v1.3.9, nanogallery v5.10.3; Better GET e POST Google API connections; Restore whitelist and blacklist; Fix cache problem for album list; Minor fixes. *Ver. 4.8.0 : 20 Feb 2017 : New system to use Google Photo because from february 2017 Google no longer allows to make public the Google Photo albums; New params for the Google MAP API; New params for photos order; New params to use the file name in the photos title; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.7.0 : 14 Jul 2016 : New 30 photo max for album limit in the free version; Fixed skin lightGallery album in the album list; skin lightGallery updated to v1.2.19; New skin jGallery params to disable thumbnails; New parameter for deciding the position of the description, above or below the gallery; Fixed skin Nano photos sorting alphabetically by description and by file name; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.6.1 : 09 Mar 2016 : Joomla! 3.5 compatibility; New skin lightgallery zoom mode; Fixed Album permission page; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.6.0 : 22 Feb 2016 : New Video and Foto Skin lightGallery; Now CSS and JS are in the media folder for Google bot happiness; Skin Nano Black List params fixed; New params for skin jGallery to fix the long description text; Data format fixed for the list; Ozio Gallery Full Screen templare are now compatible with all the skins; Skin Nano info box windows fixed in Chrome; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.5.0 : 22 Dic 2015 : New auto-login button to find the Google ID; New button to set correct album rights on Google; Update Skin Nano Gallery 5.9.1; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.4.3 : 28 Aug 2015 : Fixed language files; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.4.2 : 04 Aug 2015 : Fixed skin Nano 1000 Photo limit; New parameter in jGallery skin to select Height mode; Fixed the unistall problem; Fixed skin Fuerte and Joomla 3.4.3 problem in admin album select; New parameter in jGallery skin to add link in the slider images; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.4.1 : 17 Mar 2015 : Optimized loading thumbnails for skin jGallery; Fixed random effect for jGallery; Fixed fullscreen overlay for jGallery; Invisible old album where deleted all images; update nanoGallery to version 5.5.1; Fixed Deep Linking for skin jGallery; Minor fixes. Ver. 4.4.0 : 05 Feb 2015 : New skin jGallery; Correct order error in album list; New Skin Fuerte param to hide toolbar; More Minor fixes. Ver. 4.3.3 : 04 Dic 2014 : Fix Skin Nano error: "nanoGALLERY: Could not retrieve Picasa/Google+ data... [nanoGallery]"; Google+ profile album is no more availlable. Ver. 4.3.2 : 29 Oct 2014 : Fix Skin Nano scroll page problem. Ver. 4.3.1 : 28 Oct 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.2.1. IE7 & IE8 fix and allert message. All Skin Nano Thumbnail Hover Effect is ok now. Fix swipe in Skin Nano. Skin Nano social share button. Skin Nano RTL or LTR text support. Minor fixes. Ver. 4.3.0 : 25 Sep 2014 : Update Skin Nano to nanoGALLERY 5.1.1 (more improvement). New parameter to write a text under each gallery. New parameters in the List view. Fixed IE11 problem in Skin Fuerte full screen image. Minor fixes. Ver. 4.2.3 : 26 Aug 2014 : Fixed Skin Nano Picasa/Google+ data parsererror. Minor fixes. Ver. 4.2.2 : 11 Aug 2014 : Fixed translation for NEXT and PREV labels for paging in Skin NANO. plugin s
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