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Fantastisch, danke!

Posted on 03 April 2019
Funktioniert perfekt
Ease of use
Super einfach zu konfigurieren
Freundliche, einladende Dokumentation. Danke!
Value for money

Not working as expected, no support

Posted on 25 January 2018
The plugin itself is based on the popular jquery.jscroll.js which - for itself - works fine.
Ease of use
If the plugin would have more parameters, it would even be better ...
Simply ... not existing. No responses, nothing. Seems like the developers have closed their business.
Value for money
In my case - very poor. The plugin led to reload the categories again on scroll.
I used this to: Virtuemart
Owner's reply: hi
we are still back in business, it's true we were away for some while.
If you need fix of this plugin, please send an email to the address listed on top of our site.
We welcome features requests too

Great Extension with setback

Posted on 25 August 2014
I would rate it five stars, if the extension would work on the standard Android Tablet browser. Unfortunately, it doesn't so far. But on desktop and iOS - everything is fine. Much easier to setup than other similar modules I tried. But the standard browser thing is quite embarassing.

Great and mighty Event extension

Posted on 11 October 2013
I use this extension on several sites with paid and free add-ons. What really makes JEvents great, is the easy administration from the front end. Most of my customers aren't really into webmastering, but JEvents is so easy to handle that really everyone can manage this. The support from Tony and Geraint was really quick and professional, when I needed help. Great job!

Great Menu System

Posted on 02 August 2013
After having an issue on IE8/9, the support took care immediately and made the extension working beautifully. This menu system saved me a lot of time for not having to code a mobile version. The mobile version works and looks good. Only thing is the customizing of the styles. Through the CSS, this is somewhat complex.
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thank you for your comment. About customizing CSS, we'll try to make it much easier for user to use and understand in near future. Please stay tuned.

Best regards,
JoomSeller Solutions

Smart Newsletter simply not working

Posted on 19 February 2012
The newsletter tool works fine. The support is there, that's for sure. But the highly promising SmartNewsletter is simply not working. After having been in touch with several supporters at joobi and after having received three updates (although without changelog), I finally have to give up: SmartNewsletter is not ready to be promoted at all. The sending is very, very unstable (say: not guaranteed at all), the building of a new SmartNewsletter shows quite quirky behaviour with unsure outcome. I'll give it a two-star-rating: 4 for the regular newsletter tool, but a straight minus for the promotion of an extension thats still under development.

No reaction

Posted on 31 October 2011
Sure would be a fine extension - if the module would be downloadable after payment. After three days and several mails still no reaction from developer's side. No download link. Looks a little fraudulent to me.
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