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Nice and easy, but no captcha or ReCaptcha

Posted on 14 January 2016
Works great!
Ease of use
Very easy to setup and use.
Not sure, because it was so easy to setup, never needed support.
Setup was very straight forward.
Value for money
I used this to: I was going to use it, but didn't bother to since it does not offer ReCapture or any form protection. This should be added to the most basic version of any website form. I mean, even Joomla's contact form offers this. I had to find something else.
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thanks for your review.
It has integrated anti-spam protection in all versions, which uses session tokens to make it protected.


Great Module

Posted on 03 June 2013
I've been using this player for a very long time now. It's pretty much the only player that includes a simple playlist beside the player that also supports YouTube videos.

The only thing I believe is left for this play now is to support responsive templates and possibly a playlist creator/editor for the xml playlist. It's a bit daunting to for my clients to be editing the xml files. And since it is xml, it could have a clear cache feature in the xml editor also. My clients are always complaining that they just added a video and it's not showing up.

Works when nothing else did!!

Posted on 20 June 2012
I am very pleased with this extension. I was about to go crazy after hours of trying to sort of a serious js lib conflict with 4 different extensions. Tried other extensions to help, but they didn't work at all. Install jQuery++Integrator, did some very simple configuration, enabled and it sorted out everything like magic.

Well done Tushev and thank you very much.

Nice and simple!

Posted on 13 April 2012
First of all, thank you very much for this free extension.

I really like this extension. Its ment for something very simple, but I think it can do so much more.

It was easy to install and very easy to style. I use it to load a Newsletter sign up module using NoNumber! Module Anywhere extension and it worked great.

What would be nice if it had an option to display only once or not appear when the user clicks the close button. With these, it would could easily put it way ahead of the others this category. None of the other were able to use with the NoNumber! Module Anywhere extension.

Not that I really needed the any form of support to get it working, but I did go the the support forum to see if there is anything about the display once per session or how make it not display after the user uses the close button or some kind of work-around. It was very difficult to find the anything there. VTEM placed the support for ALL of their Joomla extensions in 1 forum. Sub-forums would have been much better. This is not something that should affect the extension itself, so I didn't take off anything for this. This is even more important since ONLY users with paid subscriptions to their website can make posts in their forums. Just a thought.


Very nice..

Posted on 25 March 2012
I like this extension. I used it some time ago on a client's project. Very easy to setup and style. My client was quite please.

I have a question though. The latest version was updated here on JED in 2009. How come it is saying that it is 2.5 compatible?
jQuery++ Integrator

jQuery++ Integrator

By Simon Tushev
This plugin brings jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Tools to your site. It supports grabbing the libraries from both Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and local copies, allows to activate jQuery.noColflict mode if necessary. As well it already includes one of jQuery UI themes, uiLightness (and you can download and use any other theme). Latest jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Tools versions are already inc...
Highlighter GK4

Highlighter GK4

By GavickPro
Articles Display
Our Smooth News Rotator enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you can adjust it to your needs. Additionally, it can be integrated with any source of information. GK5 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License. GK5 is a further new version for GK4 Highlighter GK5 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation...
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