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Simply brilliant

Posted on 09 November 2013
AdminTools has allowed me to easily increase the protection on my sites, without having to be a rocket scientist! Worth every cent spent on this and AkeebaBackup!!

Simple, efficient and effective

Posted on 17 August 2013
We wanted to avoid the double handling of managing mail lists in our cPanel hosting software separately from our Joomla site. Mailster works a charm, was easy to configure and just what we needed!!

Clever, useful and well supported

Posted on 19 May 2013
I needed to create richly annotated articles to create a research database. FieldsAttach gave me exactly what I was after. The support is incredible, and the prices reasonable. I would not have been able to complete my project with other tools! Cristian, you are awesome!!

Just plain clever

Posted on 26 April 2013
This is one extension I really love - it allows you to make on the fly changes. Combine with a few other tools form Peter and others, and you have a lot of power available.

Fantastic support

Posted on 26 April 2013
A nice bit of kit, and Peter's support was excellent, even when the fault was an "operator error"!

Clean, simple and effective

Posted on 16 September 2012
I have three sites that I manage, using three different download managers. Phoca is the best I have used, and I will definitely be migrating the other two sites!


By Alfred Vink
Contact forms
ALFcontact is a small 'Contact Us' form. The purpose of ALFcontact is to provide a contactform with enough features to make it usefull and appealing whithout making it overly complicated. Basically the form gives you the option to send messages to different aliases based on your access level and/or language, these aliases are defined in the administrator section, each with their own set of option...
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