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It's good, BUT...

Posted on 09 May 2015
It works. But it is not responsive until you change something in the code (width to max-width)
Ease of use
It is quite easy to use when you find the tutorial on the website. No explanations inside of the plugin or in the downloaded files.
Ok, when you find it.
Value for money
It puts a backlink into the code (at the end of the site). I paid 15 Euros and get a link to joompolitan. That's unfair.
I used this to: I don't think I will use it as long as this link is in it.
Owner's reply: Hello Bluesmaker,

Regarding your feedback, we already update our extension. In the new version, we remove the backlink from the extension. The new extension is fully responsive now, basing on your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback.


Posted on 26 June 2013
This looks and works really great!

It could be even better, if it would be possible to upload more then one image in one step. But so far: good work! This extension makes sence, even in this "sea of galeries". Thumbs up!
Owner's reply: You can upload as many images at once as you like. Just use a browser which is capable doing this. Internet Explorer is out of the race but Firefox and Chrome can do it.

You can find a video demonstration this functionality in the manual:


Posted on 22 March 2013
I work with Joomla since the story began and I can truly say: this is the best component I ever used.

- great software design

- sensational functions

- easy to change options

- it works!

This is worth every cent. Thanks!

Good Gallery, poor Support

Posted on 26 October 2011
The gallery looks nice. It was what I wanted: Easy, good locking, up to date! But it seems like no one cares when you have problems. I wait for 10 days now for support. Imho for a commercial version to long.

If they improve the support, this could be a great gallery, but for now only "Average" because I can not use it and no one answers the support mails.

Perfect Service

Posted on 14 October 2011
Sometimes you have great extensions but poor support. Even when you paid for it. Here I'm happy to pay some dollars, because what I get for it is awesome.

I had a small problem with this menu (it was my fault) and I found out that pulse has one of the fastest and friendliest supports I ever wrote with!

For me it is totally ok to pay for an extension when it works like this.
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