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Absolutly essential

Posted on 04 May 2013
While it's not yet in the core, this extension is absolutly essential to work with less files.

While customising your template, you need this. This plugin catch the less file you point in the configuration, from your template less folder, and compile it to a css file in your template css folder.

Thanks to the authors to shared their work !

Testing Hikashop since few months

Posted on 30 January 2013
I tested first the free Hikashop release but I quickly bought a licence of the business edition.

I was using an other well known e-business extension but this big old thing was boring me for many reasons.

I migrated my website (on a test version of course) to Joomla 2.5 and migrated my e-business database from the old EB extension to Hikashop without any problem.

Even incredible ! The new release of my old extension was not able ton import properly the base of the previous release while Hikashop did the work !

I migrated then my Joomla! to 3.0.

Hikashop is modern and designed to use Joomla! 3.0 ability to handle responsive design.

On the E-business side, Hikashop has almost all what a good website need.

The possibility to use AcyMailing and Seblod extensions with Hikashop was something I had in mind while studying this migration.

No regrets for my old (well known) Joomla! e-business extension !

The Hikashop support boards are very nice places. There is a good spirit there and quick answers. I had answers even when they pretend to be in vacations and that they will no anwser during few days ;)

Thanks to the Hikashop Team !

This extension breaks design using not prefixed css classes.

Posted on 16 June 2012
I just tested adsmanager and it brokes my dev-site.

How ? ... simple ... too much generic css classes, not prefixed.

Classes like .center for exemple.

Why use so generic classes in a components loading is css after the template one ?!

My favorite template vendor use this kind of classes, it's not a good idea, but please think about it.
Owner's reply: This will be removed in the next version (cause the new design will be based on bootstrap like Joomla 3.0).

Anyway, you can simply do a joomla override of the css file in templates/mytemplate/html/com_adsmanager/adsmanager.css

Very usefull, even for security !

Posted on 08 September 2009
Ok, I'm rating sh404SEF as excellent event if I found and fixed bugs, because for such a good work, a few bugs are acceptable and...give me the name of even one software wich is bug free !

And ok, it's not a component for newbies, it's not always working out-of-the-box, it needs tuning and plugins etc.

I'm using sh404SEF not only for rewritting url but olso for security. It's very usefull to track attacks and to block IP adresses.

The component is still supported and maintained, please have a look at the hosting website.

Yannick is still at work ! Thanks to you Yannick and to anything-digital !

Yesss !

Posted on 04 February 2009
Installed without any problems. I just have to move the language files for french translation from fireboard to Kunena and to move also my css files if possible. But right now, it's working just well.

I was pretty sure that Fireboard was a good choice as a base for my website forum. Other forums for Joomla! was not interesting, and now Kunena is the proof that à was right to stick to this base.

Then thanks to the Kunena team !

Good composant but buggy

Posted on 14 January 2009
I enjoy this composant, but there is a lot of bugs to fix. The last one I fixed by myself was a problem with backslashes generated by ' caracters in galery description and pictures descriptions.

Then please note this, in the template semantic, in html/gallery.php there is a lak of stipslashes functions.

Also, Y tried to register an account on the home website, and it seems that I can't receive the account activation mail...then I can't give the solution for the backslashes problem while there is already 2 users claiming for a solution in the support forum.
Owner's reply: Yes, the forums aren't working right now after a failed attempt to migrate to PHPBB3. I'm not sure if to try to fix them or just start afresh, but hopefully one of us will have the time to do something this month.


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