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Makes the job of setting up a league/ team(s) easier and faster

Posted on 16 June 2011
This really makes the task of setting up a full league, or even just a team quite fast and easy.

I would give a 5 star rating but there are a few tweaks needed that I have sent to the developer. For example being able to enter HTML in some fields, such as the Team profile/ Player Profile fields. Sortable columns in tables such as Roster would be a good feature to have.

It would also be quite useful to have a random Featured Player/ Coach module to compliment this very promising component.

Overall if you are looking to setup a league or team component for football, Gridiron Manager will streamline the process.

I can see the next version of the product being killer.
Owner's reply: The latest update includes several new features, including ability to insert HTML into team and individual player pages.

Good but 1 drawback

Posted on 16 May 2009
It's a good module, but I found that on every click it would reload the last created banner first every time and would not randomize, not desirable in my situation. Other than that, it's great!
Owner's reply: I don't understand why you think it doesn't randomize? It is certainly coded to and it does on my site.

Great Gallery Extension

Posted on 01 May 2009
Installed flawlessly and up and running in no time. Easy to figure out and works perfect for me. Users can add/ edit photos no problem, all around fantastic extension.

Highly recommended.

Users that are complaining of IE6 woes (no problem here) fail to realize that IE6 is outdated and has been replaced... twice, by IE7 and now IE8. Any that are foolish enough to still be using IE6 are asking for considerable problems security wise and rendering websites correctly. I add an IE6 warning to my sites that explains the problem and links to update IE.

Works just as advertised

Posted on 25 November 2008
Works just as advertised, however there was a snafu that was user error. In the plugin where you input your intensedebates user #, I had initially input what I thought was my usernumber from the address in the addressbar - wrong! Your user number can be found in the code that is generated in the Blog Settings area at intensedebates.

Very nice plugin.
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By Ideal Extensions
iFAQ (former MooFAQ) is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Component, but can be used to display any content item. iFAQ uses jQuery and Bootstrap to load the FAQ items in a Accordion style for the effects and the Joomla! content items for the FAQ content.. The old MooFAQ is still included in the package, however it uses the MooTools Accordion. Easy to use! You can Use your already typed content i...
Gridiron Manager
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Gridiron Manager

By Brook Lyter
By popular request, we have created a solution for managing (American) Football teams and/or leagues. "Gridiron Manager" is a football manager software extension which will allow Joomla webmasters to quickly create and maintain websites for football teams and/or leagues. The component creates a comprehensive database which allows the administrator to create/edit teams, rosters, players, schedules,...
JSPC for JomSocial
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JSPC for JomSocial

By Ready Bytes
JomSocial Extensions
Ready Bytes’ “JomSocial Profile Completeness” (JSPC) is a successor addon for JomSocial. If you want to motivate your users to complete their profile, this addon is what you’re looking for! It helps you to show the user’s profile completeness meter on your site. Not only this, it guides them through the process of completion to achieve a good profile rating or score. Clear Path To Compl...
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