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Works as Described

Posted on 09 March 2015
Works well
Ease of use
Easy to set up
Good documentation
Value for money
Decent value for the cost
I used this to: Showing sponsors for a youth group. It's encouraging others to become sponsors.

Outstanding Customer Support

Posted on 03 April 2012
I was having some difficulty getting the component to do what I needed. I contacted Thuan and he responded immediately. Within one day the solution was in place and all is working well now.

I wish all extensions were as customer friendly as this one is.

Highly recommended!!!

Must have extension!

Posted on 06 July 2011
After being hacked a few times I went to look for a more comprehensive solution. Found this extension and tried it out. The firewall and htaccess writer alone are worth the subscription.

While Joomla security is a moving target, the developer modifies, changes and stays one step in front of the jerks. Any issues are promptly dealt with by personal attention by the developer himself. In many cases within an hour.

Thank you for the awesome package.
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