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Powerful, Great, Perfect for a non-profit

Posted on 20 December 2008
We had issues to install CiviCRM on our GoDaddy hosting (had to install it on DreamHost hosting we had, and copy over the files and tables to our GoDaddy hosting).

Other than that, we are very happy with what CiviCRM provides. The other so-called "CRMs" in this category on this don't even come close to what CiviCRM provides.

We use:

> CiviEvent to create online event registrations - customize the registration form to our needs

> Donation payment system with builtin PayPal (it has others too) payment processors - we just had to configure it with our paypal info

> Member/Volunteer registration with customized fields - our Joomla account creation link redirects to the CiviCRM member account registration page (btw, CiviCRM also creates a Joomla user account for each registration if we want to)

> Volunteer management to assign tasks to volunteers, etc.

> Maintain contacts

We researched many other systems, but none had what CiviCRM provides.

Oh, did I tell you that the support is great, yes it is. :)

Works perfectly fine

Posted on 19 December 2008
I tried other image sliders/faders, but they didn't seem to work with my suckerfish menus, but this one works like a charm - both in IE (7.0 & 8.0) and Firefox. Thanks.
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