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Best Customer Service - Great Compnent

Posted on 20 February 2014
I've been fighting an ACL problem where restricted content is visible to the public. I followed every tutorial I could find and hopelessly screwed up my permissions. I bought and installed the product which was simple and intuitive.

There was a problem with the diagnostics not understanding assets. I wrote a support ticket and barely had time to submit and open my email before the reply with the solution popped into my inbox! That was the fastest customer support I have ever had on anything.

My user permissions were straightened out with a few clicks and specific adjustments went smoothly. Now all I have to do is find out what the root cause of my problem is, BUT I have the permissions in order.

Thank You,

Kyle Cowden


Posted on 26 April 2013
I come off of a wasted $35 for an extension that was not documented nor very easy to use. This one is just the opposite. It is very easy to use with concise but effective documentation (think walk through)and looks great and is very light on bandwidth. IOW it works!

Odd One Out

Posted on 25 April 2013
I looked at all of the "Excellent" ratings and decided to pop on this extension.

I had to contact support to even get the download after i paid for it, got a terse but effective reply, not so big of a problem in and of itself.

Documentation is lacking, the drag and drop mode will not install in Joomla 3 and it doesn't respond to "loadmodule" commands within an article.

The means of loading images is difficult and I am a fairly advanced in my use of JQuery and Joomla in general.

The forums are almost non existent with precious few and useless responses. A support ticket request requires deep access to the root installation to even complete a support ticket.

I am giving up on this and writing off the cost. There are other, easier to use modules and components for this. I recommend to avoid this one and I think all of those "Excellent" reviews are shills.
Owner's reply: 1. The download link always go in an email. You can easily get that from your inbox or spam or simply download it yourself from the website.

2. About the documentation, its clearly mentioned that drag drop is not supported in Joomla 3.0

3. Of course, this is not a plugin but a module. So, if you want to put on an article page, you need to use load position tag.
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