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Ahead of its time...

Posted on 09 February 2015
This extension certainly has the potential to fulfil every need for a fully responsive gallery that works with all devices.
Ease of use
The learning curve reflects the sophistication of the extension and sometimes, trial and error is required to determine how something works.
Documentation appears to comprise a short, low-res video that offers little of constructive use.
Value for money
Not expensive and certainly good value in view of the capabilities.
I used this to: Image gallery

Perfect Simplicity That Works!

Posted on 06 October 2014
There are popups... then there are popups that work! Well, they all work to some extent but this one is truly responsive and allows precise positioning regardless of the viewing device - desktop or iPhone, the popup appears exactly where intended.

It can be customized, colours changed, permits HTML and has some really cool ways to make it appear, all from a sinple, intuitive backend.

Not least of all, the support is astoundingly fast, friendly, honest and effective. I had a minor problem that was fixed quickly and the cause (not my fault for a change) explained to me. Extensions like this are worth the money and I recommend this one unconditionally!

Pefect Simplicity

Posted on 04 October 2014
This is the answer to a most vexing problem, namely, the legitimate use of tables to display structured information in a website - but the inability to display that information effectively on modern devices.

What an absolute dream to now be able to display tables on mobile devices, within the website template structure, in an intuitive, user-friendly way. Best of all, it takes only minutes and makes tables a truly viable option for data presentaton once again. Much appreciated!

Compact and versatile

Posted on 20 July 2014
The ability to add images and scrolling text in addition to the player itself makes this a very useful module for playing live streaming radio from online broadcasters and pre-recorded mp3 files. The width and height of the player can be adjusted to suit your template position, as can the DJ and logo images (if used). Setting up is easy and although there is no provision for displaying programme information such as 'playing now', this is a very nice player that works flawlessly and works in all the browsers / mobile devices I have tested.

One minor irritation is that when used with a laptop or desktop display, the FLV player controls disappear leaving a black space showing the FLV icon - better if the controls remained visible at all times. This is not a problem with mobile devices and all in all I am sufficiently happy with the player to recommend it. It works and is reliable. Give it a try!

Not Just Another Shopping Cart

Posted on 25 June 2014
Having searched JED for a shopping cart that would fit my requirements, I started to despair and then - a new addition appeared in JED and saved the day. Reading the list of features and trying out the demo convinced me to take a chance - there is a money-back guarantee also - so I took the plunge and had a working store in a few hours.

Make no mistake, with so many excellent features comes some complexity BUT everything is in logical steps, intuitive and worth learning. Of course there are bound to be minor issues as you would expect with a new extension but these are little more than easily overcome and best of all, the support is fast and very helpful.

This extension isn't just a shopping cart, it is a substantial ecommerce package that integrates extremely well with Joomla. It is highly responsive so it works with any device - unlike some that don't quite make the transition into the 'mobile' age.

The potential to become a firm favourite is clear and I would like to see continued development using the same vision that brought it into existence - well constructed by someone who understand online shopping. It can only get better so don't be scared to try it. It works!


Posted on 10 December 2013
This is a useful extension to JEvents and well worth the 9 euros to download it. There was a minor issues with my setup (not this extensions) but the owner responded quickly and it was fixed within hours. Same day support and a superb extension makes it excellent value. As for the module, it is easily customized, responsive and is well documented. I recommend JEvents and this module is the icing on the cake. Well done!

Simply The Best!

Posted on 02 December 2013
With a Joomla 3 website it has to be responsive - which it truly is. It has to be easy to navigate on any device - which it is. It has to be flexible - which is, especially if you have some knowledge and a little patience.

It installs flawlessly, it works and it looks good.

Customer support is superb and a very minor issue was addressed within hours in spite of the time difference. I unreservedly recommended it as the best of Classified Ads extensions and having tried most of them I feel qualified to say so.

My only caveat is that it is completely US focused and although the states themselves are editable, it would be very useful to have the back-end facility to change the 'State' label to the more appropriate 'County' or 'Area' for use in UK and other countries.

Finding every single instance of 'State'in the code is tricky and time consuming but it can be done - I hope.

This is a superbly professional extension that sets a standard and is very well worth the cost. Five stars from me - no hesitation!
Owner's reply: Thanks for the kind review! Our team agrees that we need change the "States" functionality to fit all countries. "States" will be changed to "locations" in the next version which will be released soon

Amazing Extension

Posted on 22 October 2013
This is one of the most useful extensions I have and for protecting and monitoring a Joomla website it is invaluable. It blocks, monitors, informs and gives reassurance without taking any control away from the administrator.

Attacks are logged and once you know where they come from, it is a simple task to log into cPanel and block an IP or even a range of IPs - usually from countries where your only visitors are bots and hackers.

Support is superb and helpful so if you have any problems leave a message you'll get every assistance. This extension does the business superbly and unobtrusively.

In my opinion it should be used with every serious Joomla website. Highly recommended!

Truly Responsive

Posted on 02 September 2013
Having tried a few so-called 'responsive' video players, this one seems to have solved the problems and in use it responds in such a way that perfect proportions are maintained without any empty black space around the player where it when displayed on mobile devices. You can even have multiple instances in a page and bearing in mind that it is supplied as a 'simple' players, you will go a long way to get more for your money.

Support? Prompt, courteous and very helpful. I hope this developer will continue to work on this (and other) quality extensions and I have no hesitation in recommending this one.

The Definitive Music Collection

Posted on 16 July 2013
Having used Music Collection for some years and seen it develop, it is clear that it sets the standard and there is nothing else that comes even close. Support is excellent (as it always was) and now Joomla 3 seems to have finally settled for a while, I'm happy to make the investment in an excellent extension that is second to none. Just a word of advice to anyone considering it - take time to learn what this extension can do. It is powerful and versatile. Then plan your collection and organize your system for adding to the collection because it is too tempting to simple add music without proper regard for artist, type, genre and tags- not to mention the extensive facilities for adding text, descriptions and even lyrics. If your music files have MP3 tags, MC will even add much of the information for you but please learn what it can do. For me it is a very worthwhile investment and I recommend it without reservation.
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