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Does not work easy on Protostar template

Posted on 04 February 2014
We try for a few days and gaven up to find in the css how to change the wisth of the text input boxes because they are out of range on the Protostar template. Support was sending answers back but it did not help what so ever. So better to stop and use a other one.
Owner's reply: This user kept asking us for template/css support even though we made it clear that the problem was not related to our module but the template/css. The user did not read or follow our FAQ. We even helped the user modify the template.css file but still the user posted a negative review. Please read other reviews to decide if this module is for you.

non commercial and commercial version

Posted on 13 March 2012
There are to many problems some of the features that are given can not been found and even the support does not know, after a few questions support does not give you any reaction anymore and you have to buy a other component . Rating is very poor

I really tryed to make this work but NO WAY

Posted on 22 January 2009
i did my best by testing this plugin , but there is no way to make it work as the description said. Ver disappointed that someone waist time with this to make this plugin.

Ok neverminid going on to test the next app.
Owner's reply: Lot of people install ad use it without problem.
If you tell me the problem i fix it.
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