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Works as advertised!

Posted on 15 March 2009
Didn't show up in the first 10 minutes maybe due to a caching issue? But worked great after that. So don't give up if it doesn't seem to work as soon as you install it!


Does exactly what it says it does.

Posted on 05 February 2009
Does exactly what it says it does; no more, no less. Need to enter the category ID and choose the number of items to display; that's it. Uses the existing site CSS. Direct download link is not working...need to go to the author's site and poke around. First extension I found that actually works...tried Artcats and another one, both appeared blank no matter how I configured them. The only suggestion I have for this one is to add SEF url support.
Owner's reply: Here is the download link. It works !!!,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,101/Itemid,4/
I added the SEF url support as well.
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