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Interesting Great Support

Posted on 24 October 2013
this is an interesting extension with a lot of scope to help integrating components. We used flow to customise the wrapper URL and include the joomla login details for our application. The author was quick to provide support - excellent service. If you have an integration problem where you want to share information between components flow might do the trick.

Works well Good Support

Posted on 20 June 2012
I have been using this extension with j1.5 for a while for our users to insert a wide range of into articles. The extension has import and export which is useful and you can organise the templates by category. I just updated to j2.5 and the categories are not displaying properly. A quick post to the forum and I had a reply - had to reset the access levels all is working okay. Excellent support.

Misleading Functionality

Posted on 04 January 2012
I purchased this following the comment on JED below that file delete on source server would be added to a later version. That comment was from 2010 a year later and we are on version 202 and despite the feedback below, comments on the forum etc this component does not delete files on the source server after uploading to s3. Furthermore I have posted to questions to the Joomart support forum and 6 weeks later have not had a reply. I raised a support ticket requesting an explanation of the functionality and the response was to ask for administration to login to the site? Response to the support ticket was a link to the tutorial explaining how to delete files on s3. I made it quite clear I was referring to the deletion of files on the source server after uploading. I would steer clear of this component unless you want CDN functionality. If you're looking to synchronise and upload files do not use it. A waste of money and a very poor user experience.
Owner's reply: Hi,
Feature to upload and delete from disk is already present in the extension along with the pull from s3 storage back to Joomla!


Not Convinced

Posted on 08 December 2010
I have been using the pro version for the last six months. Like other posters this seemed a good extension however it is very problematic. Always generating duplicate links and spurious sef urls. I have spent more time trying to manage the urls it generates than I do developing the web site. the very frequent upgrades have caused problems which means you have to clear the URL and lose the metadata. The developers have added lots of functionality but I think they need to get the core product right. My subscription is due for renewal and I don't know if I will bother.
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