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Posted on 12 October 2011
Updated version of this module is working awesome and support was excellent . Thanks you


Not compatible with FF 3.5.7

Posted on 17 January 2010
It is to double confirm the below review about the incompatability with Firefox. I use FF 3.5.7 to browse the demo page. With FF 3.5.7, nothing displayed. With ie7 and ie8, it's OK.

Hope this can be fixed soon..
Owner's reply: Hey

That seems weird, because I have not had an issue with FF 3.5.7.

FF is my prefered browser, and no problems with it so far on my site.

No use for non Rockettheme Template

Posted on 14 January 2010
This module is for Rockettheme Template only.

I paid it to use in my own custom template but I find it no use. Because:

1) Have bugs in the module. If use in RT template no problem because of template override. I guess they never test it in non-RT template. One bug is about a spelling error in its code.

2) If you set fixed menu item width, you will run into alignment problem. And there is no documentation or parameter you can fix the problem.

3) Extra parameters can only be found in RT templates. But these parameters are important to do customization.

4) No support in the forums for non-RT users.

In conclusion, I wonder why this module is open to be sold to public. If you do not use RT-templates, this module is of "NO USE". Unless you just need a default setting. But in that case, you can use many free tools.


Compatible with SEF

Posted on 22 February 2009
Easy to use! Great!

It works with Joomla Build-in SEF and SH404 SEF.

Thank you!
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