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Great Extension!

Posted on 01 February 2015
SUPER! Exactly what I needed to make a menu sticky at the top!
Ease of use
Very easy. Only problem was the need to download JQuery Easy and activate JQuery in it - also very easy to do, just an extra step.
Can I give support 110%? I was going to post in the forum, saw the Live Support button, asked my question, had it working in about 2 min.
Should include the fact that you might need to download JQuery Easy and activate JQuery in it.
Value for money
I used this to: I used it on a Joomla 2.5 client site that uses an older template which doesn't include sticky menu function. This allowed me to quickly, easily make the menu sticky without the hassle of upgrading the template. I'm looking forward to using it on more sites. :D


Posted on 23 July 2013
Worked right out of the box! It's easy to fill in the needed info. Several images included, but you can use your own if you wish. And it's free! Thanks! :)


Posted on 01 May 2013
6 STARS! This extension does just what it should. It's very customizable - colors, position, content, activation, and a bunch of other stuff. And it's FREE! (But it's well worth a DONATION to help the developer continue making great extensions!)

Outstanding! 6 Stars!

Posted on 06 July 2012
I've used this little plugin on all my sites for several years. I'm SO glad that it's available for 2.5. It's super easy to install and configure. (Just remember to enable it after installation; it's disabled by default.) The "Site Name" in Global Configuration doesn't work with some of the other extensions like JDownloads pages. Title Manager fixes that - puts your site name (which can be customized) on EVERY page before or after the page title. Thank you! Thank you!


Posted on 20 December 2011
This is SUPER! Very configurable - CSS and other customization is right there in the plugin parameters; no need to hack files. The only thing I noticed that could be a problem is that in a narrow window it hid behind my right column. Because the CSS was right there it was easy to fix (z-index: 89;).

One more thing: My template has a "Go to Top" link in it, but it wouldn't work with the Slider extension. (My template "Go to Top" link kept setting up a link like '.../page#last-slide-name#top'. Since that anchor didn't exist, the link went nowhere.) "Top of the Page" works perfectly every time - even with Slider links open or closed.

Owner's reply: Yeah, z-index can't be anticipated. I never know what environment my plugin will be installed, so I can't anticipate everything. I can, however, provide options ;)

Like you said, CSS is right there - and that's why it's there. Glad you like the plugin!

Outstanding Product and Support!

Posted on 02 December 2010
I've been using AcyMailing for several months after looking at many other mass mail systems and trying several (including commercial ones).

AcyMailing is hands down THE BEST!

The starter version is FREE and it's loaded with far more features than most commercial versions!

It's VERY customizable (e.g. making a template that matches your site, or several templates for different lists) and configurable (e.g. throttling according to your host's requirements). Some knowledge of HTML will help when customizing templates, but they give you some good tools to work with.

Some people will find that there's a "learning curve" figuring everything out. (Full disclosure - I didn't read much of the documentation; I'm a "hands on" type. They do have lots of documentation and tutorials, and include "Help" information on every page.) Let's face it: Mass mail customized to your particular needs takes some effort on your part. Believe me, the results are worth the effort.

It installs quickly and flawlessly - including updates.

Their service and support are awesome! When I first started using it, the unsubscribe page seemed confusing. I contacted them and they quickly sent a temporary fix; then included that in the next release. I recently requested a new feature - not knowing how hard it might be to implement. The staff quickly responded that it was a good feature to add and that they would do so. That was only a few days ago and it's in the new release today!

AcyMailing statistics are amazing! You can easily find out not only how many people opened your mail, but who and when. Where else can you get that kind of information without paying a hefty price?

AcyMailing Starter is PROFESSIONAL all the way (except you don't have to pay the professional price).

Thank you, AcyMailing Team! 5+ stars!

Very good!

Posted on 27 February 2010
Very good, basic tooltip extension. Easy to install and use.

As advertised, it allows for links and other html code (e.g. images) within the tooltip text - great feature!

The other thing I'd really like to see is if it could automatically adjust the box width, or if I could set the box width (using a css style?) for each occurrence to adjust for very short or very lengthy text, special locations, etc.

I have no idea how difficult that would be to implement and it's NOT a complaint! Just a suggestion if you're considering future editions.

THANKS for a great, FREE extension!


Posted on 01 May 2009
Wish I'd found this before trying several other mods. This one works!

It's easy to use; instructions are included.

It allows CSS styling.

It allows me to enter html to add a link. (I put the link under the author.)

Thank you!
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