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Was good, but doesn't really exist anymore!

Posted on 10 September 2015
Doesn't work with Community Builder 2
Ease of use
Value for money
Unusable with CB2.
I used this to: I was using this module, and i wanted tu bought the new version, but it doesn't work with CB2, and ther is not any answer after submitting ticket.

Easy to manage for final users!

Posted on 25 February 2013
This tool retrieve all google analytics datas and show them in a easy and easy to customize way in the backend. you can manage the views as you want. This component is really great, especially if the final users aren't able or don't want to manage a google analytics account...

Last, the support is really good!

An amazing tool

Posted on 14 January 2013
This component is very easy and fast to use if your familiar with classic Joomla tools, flexible, and the support for specific need is efficient! I'm very satisfied with this product!

Just the Best CKK ever... 100% approved

Posted on 10 December 2012
Before, i was making websites without CKK... Now i need to make sites with a lot of different types contents and categories, and to display (order / filter / appearance / listing...) them in a lot of different ways. My need was a powerful advanced search and versatil modules to filter and sort almost everything.

This is not a "simple as a click" CKK, but i'm really sure it's the most powerful one.

The support forum is quick and efficient, i can tell you, because i have several specific needs, and all request where solved (For developers, you can make almost everything you need in the great templates tool).

Flexicontent is not know enough!

Works perfectly now!

Posted on 23 November 2012
I was using BT login before, but i had conflict and invalid token error... But i found this module great... So i come back one month later, and, good news! The new release works perfectly, even with J2.5.8 so... THANKS!

What a support!

Posted on 26 October 2012
I needed Price Shipping, and i bought it : The price is very soft!

But i had a specific need too. After a question on joomdonation forum, an answer was posted very quickly, and a contact via skype was a quick solution to my need...

Thanks a lot Joomdonation, keep this good work!

Great Tool and support

Posted on 12 October 2012
As usual with Rick, the Tools are very handy and ergonomic, and, if however a support is needed, the answers are fast and fully efficient! Thanks a lot!

Is version for J2.5 buggy?

Posted on 22 March 2012
I'm surprised with all these good ratings... After installation, i noticed that the custom fields are always called "empty", as title in the contact form. Next, these custom fields simply don't appear if you choose one of the special theme of Alfcontact.

Next those special fields aren't send in the email.

Next the prefixe, which is defined in the contact parameters isn't use in the email subject...

Owner's reply: Hi Walkyrie,

Sorry it doesn't meet your expectation yet, it is all due to one thing, a js conflict,ost likely due to the template in use.
Pls try v2.0.3.
Else contact me by email to sort this out.

A very usefull plugin to SobiPro

Posted on 29 January 2012
I was using SobiPro with Geocode Factory, and both work well together.

Having the result of a sobipro search on a map is a very usefull feature.

This plugin makes perfectly the Job.

More, for specific needs, Myjoom is very efficient (quick and perfect support!).

Very usefull and not expensive

Posted on 12 January 2012
I was looking for a component for managing training sessions, with frontend and backend entry, a map, a calendar, categories... Eventix has perfectly done the job, and for little but hard points, the support was very efficient.
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