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Great module and AWESOME support!

Posted on 05 July 2013
I rarely feel motivated to post reviews in the JED if only because support for many products are frequently slow and off-hand and just un-deserved. Not so with ProJoom. This product, and the support, is awesome - fast, polite and on the nail. The product does exactly what it claims and is easy to use. First class! I will be checking out ProJoom's other products.


Posted on 02 February 2012
This is a nice component but sadly did not fit the requirements of my clients. This was not realised until after purchase due to a number of features being not available and this wasn't apparent until after purchase. I politely requested a refund, which was agreed to but three following requests for this to be actioned on have been ignored. I mention this as a warning to anyone viewing this product, to carefully read through the list of this products attributes and ask questions if you are unsure. Also to have a good relationship with your host server as I found myself in a they said, he said situation with the product not functioning correctly, and both claiming it was due to the other.


Excellent module and great customer service.

Posted on 29 June 2009
I'm not usually a review writer, but this little gem should be used on every joomla project you develop. So simple to set up and through Get Clicky, produces the goods. A small problem I had was addressed by a member of the team at Ninja promptly, politely and thoughtfully. Kudos to you guys - I'll be checking your products out first when I'm looking for add ons. Good customer service will get my vote every time.

Excellent service!

Posted on 07 April 2009
Great product which works as described with excellent backup support. Despite my not choosing the paid support Markus provided a fast and helpful response to my problem. Don't let the fact that this component is a commercial one put you off - it's way worth it.
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