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Time saver!!!

Posted on 29 May 2013
Oooooh I needed this!

So strange it is not a core component.

Does what it says, adding an article to a menu.

Would really, really, really like to be able to ad multiple articles to a menu at once.

And please: keep PHP 5.2 supported, because lot of hosters do not offer PHP 5.3 yet. (some of my hosters do, others don't)

Therefore, I love it that old versions (PHP 5.2 compatible) are still available for download.
Owner's reply: Only crappy hosts don't offer PHP 5.3 yet.
PHP 5.2 has been dead for more than 2 years!!!

Simple, but it works

Posted on 26 May 2013
Simple, but it works

One of the very few free DMSs for Joomla.

1) It works

2) It is kind of a puzzle to work with it, but you need no technical skills

3) Download/support website seems strange (euphenistically speaking)

4) Thanks to the developper

5) A demo-site would help a lot

6) Does have a small downloading problem when you're using PHP 5.2 or less. Made adjustment in file download.php in line 31 (I'm not allowed to post this on

7) Trying to post this to support site of Little DMS, but is difficult.


Posted on 20 August 2009
Hint: All pictures must have the same height and width!

So: worthless
Owner's reply: Well, if you just think about it...
How will you present images in a container with different size?

Lacks good documentation

Posted on 30 June 2009
Although it is quite a nice plugin to get flv displayed on your website, it is impossible to find out how to give a video a different size than the default one specified in the parameters of the plugin.

This is really annoying and makes me want to look for a different plugin....

No need to look further

Posted on 08 April 2009
Why everybody keeps talking about backups, I do not know. It is recovery that is important.

And if you want to be able to have a quick recovery of your site, then this is what you are looking for.

Recovery is as simple as eating a Double Whopper Hamburger. It only takes time, but in that time you have a great taste. If you want a special Burger, with extra mayonaise on it, or clone your site to a different host, well then you need to take care of two or three details like preventing dripping on your penguin-shirt (database name and db password and stuff like that).

And with this extension, there is excellent documentation.

Could not find anything wrong with this extension but the lack of scheduled, automated backups.
Add to Menu

Add to Menu

By Regular Labs
Admin Navigation
Add to Menu - add menu items simply and quickly. Add to Menu is an Administrator module. You will get an extra link in the top right of your Administrator to quickly add a menu item link of the page you are viewing. As the reviews state: A simple TIMESAVER. More information:


By Widget Factory Limited
An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! Includes advanced Image, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration. Office-like functions and familiar buttons make formatting simple Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images and insert them into your articles using an intuitive and familiar interface Create Links to Categories,...
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