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Used Extension for 3 Years - Rockstar Support

Posted on 05 August 2016
All the functionality of Wordpress. The fact that Wordpress is embedded in my Joomla site is invisible to the blog author.
Ease of use
I'm using the single user version. If you know how to use Wordpress, then you know how to use this component.
Unbelievably fantastic. I wish I could show you my support thread. I've submitted 15 tickets over 3 years. All answered quickly.
It's been so long since I installed it. Don't remember the docs. I remember there were no issues. It's just about knowing Wordpress.
Value for money
For 60 bucks a year you get Wordpress on your Joomla site. Nice. High value.
I used this to: I use this for a standard blog. The author of the blog knows Wordpress, so this component makes it easy. Also, I like Wordpress for the SEO, Social, and the other plugins that are available.
Shack Search

Shack Search

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