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Simple...small issue.

Posted on 12 September 2010
Very clean, single file upload. It throws an HTTP 500 error on my site, I suspect because I'm using SEF and apache .htaccess, but don't know for certain. It still completes the upload though.

Great - just great....

Posted on 21 July 2010
This is a very flashy and fun module! Installs very cleanly and easily, is very simple to work with, and does what it says it does. For web designers, it's easily resized to fit where you want it to be, and is truly fun to look at on the user-experience side. Great job Joe and thanks so much for this!

-Spencer Yonker

Very well done, and an excellent solution.

Posted on 15 May 2010
I disagree with the poor reviews for lack of support on nBill with Joomla, the very best way to get support for nBill Lite is via the forums, which a) likely have answers already and b) are quickly reviewed and responded to by the author of the program. I had an issue with the PayPal gateway that after poking around myself and not finding answers, I had to post my own quesiton, and it was answered clearly and with useful information within an hour. The product itself is a wonderful addition to my business, which includes a very thorough billing system including customer interaction (view invoices, graceful payment options, etc.), reporting, proactive monitoring, callback payment notifications, income projections, and much much more. I would like to add, that nBill is the *only* component of this commercial caliber which has a non-commercial option (Lite).
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