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Good Plugin but should updated

Posted on 21 September 2014
hi, many thanks for your very helpful plugin. But i get a issue with Samsung mobile Phones and Tablets. Browser Update Warning Popup is showed on latest Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones. Mobile exclusion options does also not help here! i searched a while and found out that Samsung use TouchWiz App on Galaxy devices and seems it's not the stock Android (AOSP) Browser. The Samsung Browser has customizations on top of the stock Android Browser! Maybe it helps you to update your Plugin. It's not nice if my User get a Browser Warning on new Devices with latest Browser.

Good and smart Plugin

Posted on 09 February 2014
The Plugin works great..i wished i could add and show a Logo on PayPal Page instead of the email Adress. like it works for example with Simple PayPal Module.

thanks a lot..great plugin

Posted on 20 August 2013
thank you very much for your works perfect and helps me with a big js toolbar issue. thanks again

I'm very happy..good work!

Posted on 01 September 2011
thanks so much for this long searched and realy great alphauserpoints Module.

please stay tuned to the further development ;)

Easy Blog 2.0 - a new level for Blog Components

Posted on 13 May 2011
i'm very happy with the new userfriendly 2.0 EasyBlog extension and wished the company would get a "Joomla Award"..your support is unbelievable quick and the product is programmed on a very high level. you are blown away my frustrating hours with MyBlog and gave me a good feeling that i'm not alone with my ideas for better jomsocial integration. you come out with very quick updates every time and i'm very surprised about your good support...i wish that is just the beginning and you have much more ideas in your mind for best jomsocial integration and a realy easy way to blogging :)
Owner's reply: Thank you very much! Yes, this will just be the beginning and we'll strive to create more intuitive and advanced addon for Joomla! Our main goal is to allow more users to use Joomla for all their site needs!

The true JomSocial Search

Posted on 10 August 2010
This is the long missing search feature for your Jomsocial Community! I like it very much and it should be built into any good community...again, a good component from the Joomlaxi Team!

Native Plugins

Posted on 20 June 2010
The sh404 Extension works good, but the Native Myblog and Jomsocial Plugin (Version: works not to 100% correct. Please check if all Jomsocial links are correctly translated. The Native Jomsocial Plugin produce also SEF Urls for Private Messages. ;-( That makes absolutely no sense! The MyBlog Plugin is not up-to-date and should be checked again for proper function.
Owner's reply: Hi testcouch
From your post on our forum, I realize you have been testing a 3 month old sh404sef version. Our plugin for MyBlog is currently absolutely up to date.
More generally, you should consider the following :
1 - from your forum post, I understand that "works not to 100% correct" means "all urls are not made SEF". That's not what we are trying to do, but only turn SEf those urls that requires it - see item #2 also
2 - it does makes sense to have some of the messaging urls to be sef. Urls are not made SEF only for search engines and SEO results, but also for users. Though I usually try to have as few SEF urls as possible, there are exceptions and private messaging can be one of them
Thank you for your positive review anyway and all the best

Very Good with a lot of Options

Posted on 25 October 2009
Thank you...after a long search i found the best Date & Time Module!!
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