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comprehensive and works as expected

Posted on 24 June 2018
Everything a site needs for GDPR cookie handling.
Ease of use
It is a complex matter but this extension is easy to use and straight to the point.
Just brilliant.
Value for money
I used this to: GDPR cookie handling

solid extension

Posted on 23 May 2016
works as expected
Ease of use
fairly easy to set up
minimalistic but suficient for most users
Value for money

This project started promising a few years ago ...

Posted on 25 March 2014
... but than it was sold to a company and went "paid" which usually results in even better support, not here though.

The 404 log of sh404sef comes in handy and the rewriting and redirecting works as long as you have only a few extensions installed and ALL bring their own sh404 plugin. So it does not work e.g. with jDownloads or Akeeba Release System.

But the utter no go is the multilingual mess. Since 2011 they try to solve this bug of the missing "item associations" and as of today no solution in sight. In their forum threads they write "we are working on a solution" ... and then lock the thread and put "answered" in the heading.

Conclusion: works well on simple sites although it comes with a whopping price tag, stay away definitely for multilingual websites.
Owner's reply: Hi Carin,

I have to say your review is very confusing. Usually I try to identify what the problem a user is facing and respond to that, but in this case, I can only see erroneous statements:

The most important to me maybe: sh404SEF has NEVER BEEN SOLD to anyone. I started this project at the end of 2006 and 7 1/2 years later it's me doing all design and development (aside from contributed translations). I don't know where you get that information, but it's not correct.

Next is sh404SEF plugins: having a custom sh404SEF is NOT required for any extension. sh404SEF happily uses any extension router.php file. Of course, having a custom sh404SEF plugin allows creating much better urls.

Then multilingual: maybe the most puzzling: in 2011, there was no "item associations" in Joomla. They were introduced in Joomla 3.0.2 in november 2012. When sh404SEF for J! 3.x was released, it worked fine with them, as with previously available menu item associations, and has been working fine since.
Again, not sure where you got that information.

Multilingual support is extremely important to me, actually that's the reason sh404SEF was started, when there was no SEF extension handling Joomfish, back in Joomla 1.0 times. I'm also developing Josetta for Joomla! M.L. sites


worth the investment

Posted on 21 February 2014
I used CB in the free edition and were quite happy. So I decided to go for the paid Pro version when my needs for a more sophisticated setup grew. The Investment was quite substential but I have to say the support and the additional extensions which made me reach my goals with ease brought back the smile.

There are still some bumps in the code, like they dont have a language override system in place (they dont use the Joomla native language feature) which makes it (almost) impossible to have your own customised language strings. But they are working on it already.

Keep on rocking guys!

very handy

Posted on 19 February 2014
A wonderful time saver. Raw URLs just one click away. Thank you very much!

very handy

Posted on 11 February 2014
Very handy tool in the box. Works as expected.

One flaw though: the minified css is put before the CSS of other modules and components, hence you cannot override their styles unless you use !important.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review Carin.

The most important characteristic of this plugin is that it puts the CSS code after all other extensions so you can override their styles. I use this tool in almost every website I make and I can be quite sure about that. I will explain some things below to make it clear. (You can also find the same instructions in the documentation.)

The easiest way to have your CSS after all other extensions is to use the plugin of Add Custom CSS and put it last in the order of the plugin list. If you enable the minification of the CSS, the CSS will be still last. The option for the minification of the CSS does not affect the place of the CSS.

If you use the module of Add Custom CSS then you have to know that your CSS will be placed before the CSS of the plugins because modules load before the plugins. Also you have to do something more in order your CSS to be placed last among the other modules. You have to select the module position that loads last among the other module positions of your template. This is not obvious, so you have to do tests and check the code each time. After you find the module position that loads last, put the Add Custom CSS module last in the order of the module order for the specific module position.

The use of the module is not so easy as the plugin but sometimes there are users who don't want to load CSS to every page of a website just to use it in one of them.

Excellent in Code and Support

Posted on 20 November 2013
Over the last year FC took a huge step forward. It was always good and useful but now it really is brilliant and almost complete. Thank you for that shiny piece of work!


+ good documentation with tutorials

+ excellent support in the forum

+ very stable, almost no bugs and new known bugs are killed within hours

+ very good implemented, can handle a decent amount of content and still be speedy

+ very frequent updates and constant development

+ they listen to the user

+ easily extendible through custom fields

+ easily customisable through templates

+ this is a free extension!


- the carousel for the article presentation could need an update to be really responsive and offer some more options for the slide effects (for the presentation of Joomla core fields one can always use third party modules though!)
Owner's reply: Hello

thank you for your review,

just would like to comment on speed

- FLEXIcontent will be slower than joomla if you have e.g. 20 articles in your site, e.g. if Joomla content component (excluding modules!! or other extra extensions that you have in a website) will need 0.1 seconds and FLEXIconent 0.2-0.25 seconds, that is 2-2.5 times slower but it is only 0.2 seconds

but FLEXIcontent frontend speed DOES NOT scale just good, it scales excellently for large sites 10,000+ or 50,000+ and is faster than Joomla despite the numerous features and configuration settings !! Same applies for backend items manager, high speed for large sites (NOTE: though the FACETED filter behavior is what can slow it down if you display many filters in FACETED-search mode)

- same thing about speed applies for our powerful content module, and about carousel template of module,

- and you are right it does not have the looks of other carousels and is partially responsive, but its biggest advantage is that it comes with a very powerful/highly configurable universal content module AND it is free !!

very very useful

Posted on 19 August 2013
Solved my https problems instantly, incredible. On the other hand one can only wonder why Joomla needs a third party plugin to handle the most basic things.

Works as expected

Posted on 26 May 2013
Nothing fancy, straight forward bootstrap carousel integration. I suggest a proper explanation for the image folder text field though and maybe some options for the animation and to show/hide the nav buttons.

not ready for production, dubious business practices

Posted on 06 March 2012
It is unfortunatelly quite a sad review I have to write. Nevertheless I hope other users will find the pros and cons helpful while figuring out whether or not Ohanah suits their needs. Though a warning must go first: The company Beyounic SA who is behind Ohanah is very dangerous for people who make a living from setting up Joomla websites for clients. They dont care about their customers who trusted them by purchasing their support and if they dont like the way a customer questions their product, they turn ruthless and irresponsible. They cut customers off from the forum and deny any communication even when you are in the middle of a project. They dont care about the time you took to write many bug reports and feature suggestions. This company nicks a lot of your time.


- installs fine

- the extension does not require url_fopen

- the front end look and feel out of the box is pretty good

- as long as one doesn't change anything it works more or less

- after getting familar with the unconventional back end it is easy to handle since there are not many features to manage

- support is quick, although not always helpful

- one gets a refund easily when asking a bit deeper about some major issues the software has, but that does not bring back the lost time


- the front end look and feel can not be changed easily and sometimes not at all since things like " | @" are hard coded into the core files without any surrounding elements so one can not even hide it with e.g. display:none, not to mention changig colour or font-size

- they even use line breaks for design purposes which is at first an embarressing rookie mistake and secondly requires the designer to fiddle around with negative margins, only chance to get around this in a decent way is to code template overrides - how many Joomla users have skills to do that? but at least it is possible

- no front end editing

- right now it does not work with https (hopefully they applied my fix in the next version)

- front and back end are very very buggy with the German language installed

- prior to purchase I aksed explicitly for a German translation, they said it is there but forgot to mention that the translation is incomplete and the backend falls apart

- its quite expensive for the features it offers compared to the freely available event managers

- it is in a late alpha status with not too small bugs but their marketing slogan states "bleeding edge" code ...

- Ohanah is an event registration extension hence obviously requires the website visitors to login which involves on many websites a SSL connection. But the "bleeding edge" coders simply forgot to test the extension with https ... at least the supprt can tell the customer where to digg into the core files of this extension to correct this bug

- the support forum is closed for non customers, one can not read the complaints of their customers prior to purchase

- instead of solving bugs the support reminds customers to stay calm and friendly, IMHO it is already very rude to take money for alpha versions

- customers are abused as testers

- right now it does not work with the Joomla standard editor CodeMirror

- the front end does not really adopt the template style, needs a fair amount of tweaking to blend in nicely

- the backend is utterly counter intitive

- emails to website customers are allways send in html mode, no option to send plain text

- no html editor for the html emails available, so you need to write html code into the email templates

- the backend does not use the Joomla controls and buttons which is very confusing and bad for usability

- the skills of the programmers are a bit dubious since they haven't got a clue what e.g. a "protocol independend link" is, I as a designer had to teach them how to solve their https bug with that

- the "feature request" section of their forum has more threads than the sections regarding other stuff ...

- they dont care about privacy, you can not have a nick name in the forum

- many HTML errors in front end and back end, even their own public demo throws 171 errors (in firebug)

- it is built on top of the nooku framework, which at first I thought is a good thing but now obviously isn't and maybe that is the reason for the buggy status

I din't expect Ohanah to be bugfree but I found around twenty bugs within two days past installation. After a while I just couldn't afford to spend more time on bug reports than actually getting my customers project to work. But do not expect any appology for the countless bugs you have to solve in that paid extension. They take your suggestions and time for granted and still cancel your account when ever they feel it suits them. And one more hint: Do not question their business practice or rise your tone to express your disappointment. They simply close your account with no announcement and your stuck in the middle of your project. It happend to me despite I never used any offensive language although direct wording and now Im in the Ohanah trap. I lost a good amount of reputation since my client trused me when recommending Ohanah for his website. Luckily this specific clint of mine is a tecky and after a look at the code he agreed to take Ohanah off in favour of a decently coded extension.

This experience brings the idea to one's mind that companies who offer commercial extensions should go through a certification process to protect Joomla users from wasting time and money. Unfortunately this is probably not manageable.
Owner's reply: Hello carin,

we tried our best to help fix the issue you where having, and after you asked for a refund, we did it straight away, that's why you didn't have access to the support anymore as this is tight in with our sales system.
Anyway we went further trying to reach you out by email and updating you account so that even after being refunded you still have access to our support, but with no lack of answer from your side. We still there waiting to help you out so just get in touch on our support system, we are more then happy to help you out.


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