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Can't say enough about ...

Posted on 05 July 2013
I always leave reviews when I find a good plugin or extension but this time I couldn't wait to. Can't say enough about how cool this plugin is! The support? I've not had this level of excellence in support with expensive products - you would not believe it.

This is a free extension - it is worth joining the extension for under $13 just as a thank you.

If I could say more I would - but I'm telling you that after trying out about 8 different potential solutions I was fortunate enough to find this one - NEED TRANSLATION? GET THIS AND ENJOY -- it even did translation on text within accordian and NO OTHER did this - I am very very happy, impressed and feel like a king the way I was assisted.

A real winner & super duper support as well!

Posted on 23 October 2012
This module is just fantastic. Easy to configure, well documented and the support is second to none - these folks have gone above and beyond in assisting me, even surprising an old cynic! I you're considering this module it's worth every penny - in fact, i think it is underpriced. I'm going to get some other stuff from MagicPoint - quality coding and service, who could ask for more?

Thanks you guys

Sweet - great little plugin - easy to use

Posted on 14 September 2012
Man, this extension was so easy to install and start using! Had a small problem but got the fix in their forum in 15 seconds. Also developer is very open to getting emails requesting assistance. This is one of those few non-commercial plug-ins that takes 50 times longer to find than to use LOL! Worth leaving a few bucks donation for too - this guy is good and he has other very useful extensions that I'll be testing out. THANK YOU Christopher

Super Easy - Great Functionality

Posted on 02 September 2012
Well, this is the easiest review I've ever written! This plugin took all of 45 seconds to install, works perfectly and is worth every single penny of the very reasonable price - no muss, no fuss, badda bing badda boom!

Sent an email to the developer through the website and got a response EVEN on a Saturday - now how's that for vigilance?

Going to check out their website and see what other goodies I can take advantage - everything is priced just right for us on a tight budget but nothing is spared in the quality from my experience with this plug in.

Thanks much Lumo and the rest of the Theme Joomla team!

Super component - Great solution & fab communication

Posted on 29 January 2012
How is it I never found this before? My loss for sure, as this is an easy to use, easy to configure component which saved me tons of time and effort; even thought I had a problem and wrote ON A SUNDAY and got a response really quick - turns out the issue was my oversight too! Like all ya'll I use quite a few extensions and this one is a keeper - I'm checking out Alfred's other work too, got my eye on a couple candidates, yup.

Thanks Alfred, you rock man!

Once again perfect! Great com, great communication, super price!

Posted on 30 October 2010
Downloaded and installed, works excellent right out of the box, so to speak. Last week I got the free version of JE Faq, was so good got the pro version and was surprised at how good it was; tested a couple Testimonial coms but came back and got this one - - best price, great performance, ease of use, and I already know the customer service is excellent so that's no consideration at this point - thanks again - I'll be back next week for more goodies!

Expected a lot and this is BETTER than expected!

Posted on 27 October 2010
I tried the free version and was very pleasantly surprised at just how feature rich it was; then I surprised at how feature rich and LOW COST the Pro version was - got it installed without losing my existing info from the free version; but wait, there's more! Didn't really work as I anticipated at first, then I took all of 15 minutes to look closer at the admin panel and found that all my "questions" had been anticipated and clearly addressed in the robust admin options - so, my bad! Communication and support very quick and friendly - I highly recommend this great com and the group behind it; found a few other extensions that are on my "acquire list" LOL

Great program, EXCELLENT support

Posted on 02 August 2009
This package is easy to install, easy to customize the look/feel and was up very quickly and working easily - can't say enough about the great support! I have tried many solutions for our non-profit site and this is perfect - if you're considering this package, don't think twice!
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