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Posted on 05 September 2009
Thank you so much for this, I was just about to start coding it myself because I'm using AUP and obviously don't want duplicate profiles. Using this I fully integrated profile completeness rule into CB and I can now easily remove the aup profile features that I don't want. Awesome module, great addition. Made my life easier! If anyone wants or if its ok with the author I can share the "modified" version of this module to include profile completeness with aup, I basically just transferred the necessary code. Unfortunately I also had to remove alot of AUP code in order to remove unecessary profile features, can also share that modification too. anyways, wicked mod!

Good, but not usefull anymore...

Posted on 31 August 2009
Great plugin, does the job. As far as old articles are concerned it only generates keywords and not their descriptions when one of the options are enabled. But for all new articles it does both keywords and description.

Unfortunately research shows that keywords aren't really utilized anymore, but the descriptions are important. So since it doesn't generate descriptions for all my old articles it wasn't as useful as i hoped, but for all new content it's good. It's too bad about the keywords, if I would have known this I never would have purchased the plugin...
Owner's reply: Hello,

the descriptions for the old articles are also generated - you can see this in the source-text of the articles - but the description for the old articles is not saved to the database because this is not necessary ;o)
the search-engines like google read keywords and descriptions from the source-text and not from the database. some joomla-extensions use the keywords from the database, thats why they are saved but the description is not needed in the database
seo-generator always generates keywords and description in temporary way and put these into the source-text
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