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A very solid extension with EXCELLENT support

Posted on 03 February 2018
When I found it 3 years ago, it was the most functional event registration software for Joomla! that I could find. Lots of great features!
Ease of use
There's a lot of complexity to DT Register & all of it's features, but you don't have to be a programmer to make it do what you need.
Support is EXCELLENT! The forums are well-monitored, and support tickets are typically answered very quickly.
So many features, so little time to document, I'm sure. :) The documentation is not comprehensive, but the great support makes up for that.
Value for money
Excellent value. More functional and feature-packed than most of the commercial event registration services out there.
I used this to: For the past 3 years, my alumni association has used DT Register for registering 1000+ people per year for our annual reunion. We hit a few limitations due to our registration requirements, but Nathan has always been great with helping us find a solution for what we needed to do!

Good extension

Posted on 09 August 2009
I so wanted to give Joom Donation a 5 star rating when I read about it and decided to purchase it, but it's just not quite to the 5 star level, out of the box, especially for a commercial component. It needs some fit and finish work and the absolute lack of documentation is particularly a minus. I really dislike guessing about what a setting should be or might do when I change it.

The developer was great about fixing issues and getting it working on my site after I installed and configured it. If it had just worked and had at least some documentation, I'd give it 5 stars.

I agree with other reviewers that the support is really great, although they are Joomla freelancers, so if they get busy with a project, their support level for their commercial Joomla components drops noticeably.

All in all, I recommend it, it does exactly what we need for our site and I especially appreciate the one-time/recurring donation choice, SSL donation page, and Jom Social integration.
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