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Plugin Not working afte a while

Posted on 16 October 2011
I installed the plugin yesterday, and I copied the code inside cb tab and created a field it was working for at least a couple of times and I was very happy with it.

As I checke on it again after an hour, it was showing anything on the tab. Searched the internet and tried many ways, and it is still not showing. Please advice


This is so far the best image plugin in Joomla

Posted on 05 October 2009
This is so far the best image plugin in Joomla! If you miss this, it is your loss!

It did not work with Mini Frontpage

Posted on 10 August 2009
I like this component very much but unfortunately, it did not work with minifrontpage. Only part of the module will be display, no image. Just like this website

Hope that I can make it work.
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