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Simply doesn't work :(

Posted on 30 December 2013
Installed on J3.2.1 quickly and easily so no issue there, set up the module with the relevant settings and published it and that's where it went wrong!

Tried refreshing the front page of the site to find it hanging, doesn't move from the white 'loading' screen, disable the module and all good.

Spent a good 30 minutes trying different combinations and settings and got the same so gave up and installed it, a shame as it looks good on the demo

Nice, but...

Posted on 11 October 2013
As a single stand alone clock it works very well, however, with no facility to indicate Am or PM it's no use if you're trying to show the time differential across various zones
Owner's reply: Nowhere does my extension description state that the clock displays the time, or any portion of the time, in a text format. It is only and has never been anything more than an analog clock.

Additionally, there is an option to change the GMT Offset (more commonly known as the timezone) in the module advanced options. In Texas, the GMT Offset is -6, California -8, Greenwich 0.

Forget it and look elsewhere!

Posted on 08 May 2010
I've now officially given up with this product as it simply doesn't do what it should!

Granted you can set up numerous plans at various prices etc etc, but should you wish to have a full integration with Community Builder, it simply isn't up to the job!

I wasn't looking for massive integration, just the ability to have 3 plans, one free and 2 paid, but I wanted the free plan to require admin approval, this side can be managed, but will the component send an email to a user once admin has approved, not a hope!

I spent days trying to get this to do some very simple things, checking the valanx forum for any hints and tips (not much use due to the refusal of the developer to even look at it) and searching the net for any clue as to how to sort this out, all to no avail.

Not a component I'd recommend for a stress free existence.
Owner's reply: For a stress free existence, I would encourage people to get professional support if they cannot work out how to make software fit their application.

As for your case: We do not do support on our forums, but if AEC does 90% of what your use case and the last 10% is sending out a simple email, I wonder why you decided to jump ship and give us a 1 star review. What you want to do could probably achieved with a small workaround and the email MI.

I have reported this review for removal as it says very little about the software and a lot more about your use case.


Posted on 18 August 2009
I've used this on a couple of sites to good effect, but it causes all kinds of conflicts with other js based modules. Had to uninstal on one site due to the accordion menu simply not working on pages where the gallery was used. Shame really as it was exactly what I needed on the site
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