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Great extention, excellent support, inadequate documentation

Posted on 09 January 2016
It will not cure cancer, but it's very robust for the price.
Ease of use
It's pretty easy to use for basic functionality. The ability to present sortable tables from SQL queries is obviously a little advanced.
Very fast, helpful and accurate so far.
Lacking. There is a summary help file and balloon help for basic usage. Searching the forum helps also. Advanced features not documented.
Value for money
Outstanding. For US$15, everyone should run, not walk to get this. It will add much more value to your website than three lattes.
I used this to: A sortable table of US trade shows on two commercial photography websites.

Simple, elegant, and unobtrusive

Posted on 20 September 2014
This is a simple yet attractive way to display social network links. The back end is intuitive. I like how the button bar floats at the corner of the browser window. Contrary to the editor notice, there does not seem to be any hidden backlink to the developer's website (or anywhere else), although I am aware that JoomSpirit has put backlinks in their templates in the past.
Owner's reply: Thank you ! I can confirm that there is no backlink in my free extensions.

Very useful entension. Well-supported and inexpensive.

Posted on 04 November 2013
When I read all of the glowing reviews about this extension, I was skeptical that it would live up to my expectations. I'm happy to say that it has, and then some.

I have been trying to create a instant price quote form for my commercial photography business. I had previously used RSForm!Pro by RSJoomla!, but found it a little too complicated and quirky to complete the quote functionality, so I simply gave up. (Note: RSForm!Pro is an excellent extension; I simply found it to be a little more than I needed for a basic quote form).

What I like about Calc Builder is that it is simple to use for basic calculators, but has enough additional capability to do some really slick things. For under US$30, it's really quite handy.

I will say that, for anything other than basic calculations, some knowledge of programming is useful (PHP, JavaScript, CSS). However, Moonsoft will design a calculator for you or customization their code, and their fees seem very reasonable.

Moonsoft's support is exemplary. I had some difficulty getting started with my first calculator because the interface is different from RSForm!Pro. I simply created a couple of support tickets and a couple of forum posts, and I received helpful answers VERY quickly.

The only shortcoming that I can think of is that there is no way to design separate user and admin emails as in RSForm!Pro, which somewhat limits how Calc Builder can be used. That said, this is a great extensions and, for the price, an excellent value.

Nice feature and functionality, but lacking in some areas

Posted on 15 January 2013
This module has many nice features, but it needs some work, especially in the CSS area. For example the placement of the navigation arrows should be relative to the content, not an absolute distance from the top. Also, it would be nice if the height and width parameters could accept % values. Overall, the module is a very good start and I would encourage the developer to continue to improve it.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the feedback umbris :)

I will add the acceptance of % values in the next release. And about the arrows, I feel that this is not a problem, if some other users feel so, I will change that too.

Great Module

Posted on 16 November 2011
This is an attractive and very useful module for social bookmarking. I only wish that it had a Google+ button.

Excellent and Extremely Useful

Posted on 27 October 2011
Another excellent extension from Akeeba. Clean, attractive interface and easy to use. It's amazing that for so little effort I can upgrade my site, lock down security and sleep well at night.

Brilliant, life-saving extension

Posted on 16 May 2011
After wasting days trying to get Phocagallery configured to work the way I needed it to, I decided to try sigplus. What a breath of fresh air! I needed a simple, but flexible solution for placing galleries in content. Sigplus more that met the challenge. I had it working exactly as I needed within minutes. (BTW: Not to disparage Phocagallery; it just has too many cumbersome, difficult to configure, and unneeded features for my purposes.)

Fantastic Plugin with Many Useful Options

Posted on 13 November 2010
The author really thought of just about everything when developing this plugin. It solves a multitude of problems faced when trying to manage images on a Joomla! web site. It's easy to enable to disable features by category, to change the styling and even to control how images are watermarked. On a scale of 1 to 5, this gets a 10!

Well Designed Component with Great Support

Posted on 14 October 2010
Intellectual Property is a solid extension with many powerful features. It also plays well with Joomla! and produces attractive front end output. It's very intuitive to set up and the support from the developers has been both responsive and helpful.

One of the features which I found to be very useful is the capability to have properties included in several categories, including nested categories. This allows you to create menu links to various categories and category groupings.

Currently the component lacks IDX capability, and has only limited ability to link menu items to searches, but The Thinkery says they are working on these features for future releases. In my opinion, they will then have a truly top-shelf product.

Good Start - Needs a little work

Posted on 31 August 2009
This is really a nice gallery component that is very clean, intuitive and well thought out.

Unfortunately, some of the configuration parameters simply do not work for existing categories, for example, disabling hit counts. There is no way to disable voting or control the display dimensions of images in detail view (or thumbnails for that matter).

I am a professional photographer looking for a simple gallery component with SEF links and photos with title, description and keywords that will be mirrored in the HTML meta tags. JoomGallery does not foot the bill, but should work well for most users..


By Levente Hunyadi
sigplus adds photo and multimedia galleries to a Joomla article with a simple syntax. It takes a matter of minutes to set up but comes with a vast range of options for advanced users. Despite its versatility, sigplus is completely free. It is a full-fledged product with all features included, there is no need to buy a commercial professional version for extra features or purchase club membership...
Admin Tools

Admin Tools

By Akeeba Ltd
Site Security
Admin Tools is a true Swiss Army knife for your site. Our freely available Admin Tools Core will detect, notify you about new Joomla! releases, fix your files' and directories' permissions, protect your administrator directory with a password, change your database prefix, migrate links pointing to your old domain on-the-fly and perform database maintenance, all with a single click. Written and ma...
Calc Builder
Paid download

Calc Builder

By Moonsoft Team
Cost Calculators
CALC BUILDER allows you to create dynamic calculators. Automatic calculator creation from excel. Define your own input user form (types, size, order,validations). Build results through PHP code or uploading your excel. Export result table to PDF. Simple and easy configuration. Library of working examples included. Extended version includes excel mapping and options to link Calculated results with...
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