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SLogin ComponentModulePlugin

Joomla extension allows to login to Joomla using social network account: Facebook, VK, Google, LinkedIn, Yandex, Twitter,, Instagram, WordPress, odnoklassniki.
The extension uses the OAuth authorization, and allows quickly account creation on your site using social network account.

Social authorization extension abilities:
Supported social networks: Facebook, VK, LinkedIn, Twitter, odnoklassniki.
Supported sites: Yahoo, Yandex,, Ulogin, Instagram, WordPress, and Google.
The two sets of skins.
The ability to change the appearance.
Localization: russian, ukrainian, spanish and english.
Ability to assign the social network account to the existing Joomla user.
Merge multiple social network accounts into the one user account.
Switch-off of an account of a social network from the account Joomla.
Ability to fill the joomla user profile after authorization.
Avatars support social networks Vkontakte, Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, WordPress, Google+.
Support SEF Joomla.
Free plugins integration: JComments, Community Builder and Easyblog
Commercial plugins integration: Community Builder, JoomShoping, JomSocial, K2, Kunena, JComments Slogin Repost.

Complete set comprises:
Component Slogin.
Authentication module.
Account management plugin.
Social profiles plugin.
Plugin for Jcomments.
Social networks authentication plugins for: Vkontakte, Ulogin, Yahoo, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn,, Instagram, WordPress, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Google, and

Repository on Github:

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Reviews: 5
Thanks to JoomLine team for providing such great extension which is so actual nowadays.
Reviews: 2
This extension is just what I was looking for a long time.
I have only tested it with Facebook authentication but it worked like a charm and it was very fast to configure.

I'm going to translate it to 'pt-PT' and hope to have some money to donate in the future.
Reviews: 1
Awesome extension, but I would like to sea a Czech translation as well. I could translate it, but don't know how...
Owner's reply

Hello, you can always add your translation on our Github.

Reviews: 1
this is a great free extension, just a request plz add support for yahoo also
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. Added support for Yahoo.

Reviews: 1
Vadim, you a best russian programmist. The apllication for USE on your site.
Reviews: 32
Using SLogin in Joomla 2.5 since version 1.7.2 (December 2013).
Advantages: Support for many popular social networks. Not very complex setup. Convenient management of all users in the administrative part of the component (those who login to the site using SLogin). There are additional plug-ins that integrate SLogin with Community Builder, JoomShopping, K2, JomSocial.
Disadvantages: No integration with Community Builder module.
Support: Did not use (good documentation).
Chose this component because I think it best (at the moment of choice) among the available peers. Some users of the site who have registered using SLogin, subscribed to the site news update in social network.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 7
Wow... just wow...
I've tryed Arra and several few Facebook login and non of them worked 100%. Then i stumbled upon this package and I have to say it's great... I've set up G+, Facebook and Twitter login in 5 mins - everything works like a charm, and the best of all it's - free...

Recommended definitly, and goes to my Favorites :)
Reviews: 3
An essential extension! After implementing this I got more users. Those who doesn't have time to do the registration process will easily register in the website with single click.

My great appreciation to the developer for this nice extension.
Reviews: 8
Good Extension,
But how can we restrict authorization for a Google Apps domain like Currently any Gmail user can login to the site.
Reviews: 1
This is what I am looking for. Not Commercial but have excellent job. just one thing, it will be more perfect with jomsocial integration support.
Reviews: 1
Worked out of the box by the instructions on the official site.

Only thing i would like is support for a few more services like tumblr, instagram and other bigger social sites.

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 9
Thanks for the extension, it works very well!!

the only thing that i would like to change, are some texts that is in russian language.
Reviews: 6
Well works like a dream for Facebook but unfortunately does not work at all for Twitter. Simply redirects back to website where the Joomla login module kicks in.

Tried contacting developer but email bounces back, Forum is in Russian and no sign of help from the limited documentation.

Looks like am going to have to try another extension. :(
Reviews: 1
Excellent component of social authorization that work directly with the API of social networks websites, and not keep in busy the resources of your own website, so your websites not will lost the speed!!! Also very good support, under request staff can speedup the things! Issues have solved in fast and good manner. Linkedin Twitter, Facebook, G+, all work as well, thank's for developing!
Reviews: 3
Extension excellent well developed, thanks
Exelente extensión muy bien desarrollada, gracias.
Reviews: 7
i think its one of greatest free extensions, it do what i want it integrated with CB & K2 its very good please upgrade it more and more and we will support you and we need Komento integration
Reviews: 2
very usefull, great extensions for cloud based registration
thanks a lot.
It will be nice if cb plugin will be in the future available
Reviews: 16
Most definitely the perfect Social Login Extension out there, best of all it's FREE! I couldn't be happier. The instructions are so clear that I a beginner like myself got this up and running in 15mins mainly coz I had to register on all the sites I wanted their social login enabled. Thanks.
Reviews: 8
I didnt make it to work for me.
after installation and enabling of the package files I get an error when clicking on the Facebook Slogin button from facebook: "An error occurred. Please try again later."
The real problem was to find any instructions or documentations that does not exist (also on google search), while the forum (site comments) is mostly based on Russian :(.

I hope I didn't miss anything for the low score but I just got frustrated by now.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that you can not configure a component, but I note that there are instructions for setting up, in English: avtoriziacii.html.
Yes we developers from Russia, but we are trying to answer who asks in English.

Reviews: 7
Excellent extension, works straight out the box!
All it's missing really missing is support for JomSocial but even without it's 5 stars from me :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback, we are pleased that our development cause such positive emotions.

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