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Improved AJAX Login & Register ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Register and Login with Facebook | Google | Twitter | LinkedIn | Microsoft account!
Create your own registration form easily in the Live Form Editor using Drag & Drop!
Check this short tutorial video here:


➤ Login with your social account
No more registration required, just one click and you can log in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft account. If you already have lots of users in joomla, they don't need to create new account, Improved AJAX Login will auto link people with same email address. The component includes tutorials to help at configurations.

➤ Need a new Login and Registration interface?
Improved AJAX Login is a very elegant extension, it speeds up the Login, Logout and Registration procedures with AJAX technology. These process never were so simple and easy, and the clean & smooth design, of course.

➤ How does it work so fast?
The Improved AJAX Login does the dirty work in the background, the login process will only take a moment, it's lightning fast! This module does not need to reload your webpage, the user is logged in as soon as he hits the login button. The Login also warns the user on unsuccesful login attempts with nicely decorated popup fields. The validation of the registration form is also make in the background, and mark the incorrect fields with an error massage. Go ahead to the demo page and try it yourself!

➤ AJAX-powered User menu
After login with Improved AJAX Login a stylish User menu will appear instead of the login form. User menu is fully customisable and have some default menu items like Edit Your Details, Show Cart (only if VirtueMart installed) and of course Logout. User menu is also AJAX-powered so all menu items are loading in the background.

➤ Some more words of the registration
The Improved Ajax Login & Register has an own popup-box for the fields. You can use captcha, to avoid bots registration to your site. As it previously mentioned, this extension make the validation and the register process with the AJAX technology, so there won't be any page-refresh during the registration.

➤ Live Form Editor
Live editor using the WYSIWYG method (What You See is What You Get) to make well-planned forms in seconds, because you see the result live. There are many predefined fields like Address, Date of birth, Terms of Services, etc. But you can also add custom fields: textfield, select list, checkbox, etc.

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Reviews: 3
This extension is exactly what I needed! extra custom fields, nice design great support.

After perfect help from (Jenő Kovács) everything work perfect!
Reviews: 3
Exactly what everyone needs in their website!
I won't say more than what has been said, I started by buying the incredible search plugin and I had a few problems with it as it didn't work correctly with my database and the support was fast, helpful and willing to solve the problems themselves as fast as they can I've never seen a support as fast as that!! When I noticed how fast they would help, I bought the AJAX Login & Register (It's also a powerful tool, it looks decent and believe me with it your site will go from the 17th century to the 23th :P And also got all the social logins you could want!)

I highly recommend it this extension, and all of the extensions developed by Offlajn Store.
Reviews: 4
I bought this extension to modify the login and registration pages on my site. This component does not disappoint. Very easy to set up and configure. I had an issue with the captcha not working, and the developer responded within a day with a fix for the issue. Very satisfied.
Reviews: 3
I want to show my support to this extension - it does far more than Joomla's native login and registration component. And the owner always replies, in a very professional manner to requests. Fully recommend it.
Reviews: 5
Just as they advertise: quick and powerful!
The support (Jenő) is also fantastic: I had a problem with Windows Phone, which was quickly resolved!
Reviews: 1
very satisfied with the extension

excellent support, they replied in few hours and solved my problem i had. only can reccommend!
Reviews: 2
Easy to configure and well documented. I don't have chance to contact their support.

Pros :

* Powerful admin interface
* Custom fields
* Flexible design options
* Captcha integration
* Menu modules as drop down menu after login
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension, easy to setup and works great. Support by offlajn is 1st class. I had 2 problems that weren't actually the fault of this extension and Balint fixed them for me anyways. Easily worth the $19. Thanks.
Reviews: 7
Their support was quick and to the point and resolved my issue very quickly - even though my subscription had run out!
Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
Fantastic extension, great look, easy to integrate, 1000 copies with your download none of this 1 or 2 site license. And the support was fantastic, had a big issue with the site and it was resolved within 12 hours from start to finish.
Reviews: 6
Excellent extension and support!
I spent a lot of time and money looking for a good solution for Social login, but no one convinced me and covered the needs.

Then i found this GREAT, EXCELENT extension! Easy to use, understand and the support is fantastic.

I recommend this extension 100%
Reviews: 2
When I saw this login module for the first time I knew I had to have it... the flat styles and styling options available for this module is simply beautiful.

The ajax effects makes the task of logging and registering seem somehow more engaging and the social integration took 3 minutes to setup.

I happened to notice a little bug however and contacted the developers through their tickets system. I received a response within 24 hours and they sorted me out in almost no time at all. Great support at a fraction of the cost other developers charge.

This is module is going onto every new Joomla website I create, no question about it!
Reviews: 1
Offlajn has done a fantastic job of making an easy to use and beautiful extension. I initially had an issue with the extension where my dedicated server was crashing and their support team was able to debug the issue in about a day and traced it back to my php build which didn't have the multi-byte string module (mbstring) compiled for it. Was able to add it and everything worked like a champ. Balint and Jeno have been very helpful! Thanks for making such a configurable and flexible extension with great support!
Reviews: 1
I am a user of the Japanese. This extension is working just fine on Japanese. This is a great extension.
Reviews: 1
just excellent, the same for the very reactive support. Highly recommended
Reviews: 3
this a great extension for register and login, and very strong, quickly support for this guys, we have 3 extension instaled of this Offlajn and really very happy

Nice work Offlanj
Reviews: 2
This is my second extension from the Offlajn guys, and I'm just amazed about these guys' work. I have had a little issue with the social login, but the support team solved it soon. My website had an avarage design, but with these extensions it looks amazing. Thank you, and keep up this good work.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension some time ago and work with it in some sites.

Now I had a problem with the user-registration. I contacted the Support and got help within a few hours.

The problem was not caused by the extension, but a conflict wit another plugin (ECC+).

Simply a great Support!
Reviews: 1
I have used a lot of components in the past and I must say that this one really stands out both in how well it was written as well as how it looks and integrates with the site.

The support is amazing as well, i've asked for a custom adjustment which in all honesty was well outside of what i would normally expect someone supporting a component would help me with but they created a custom javascript file and even installed it for me. Very impressed and pleased with it.

In short i highly recommend this to anyone who wants a well working login / registration solution out of the box!

Francois D'hert
Reviews: 18
I'm really satisfied with this product. Most of the options are configurable, the help service is very efficient. What can I say more... I'll recommend it.
Thank you for this excellent product.
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