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AJAX Register ComponentPlugin

NEW: Conditional custom fields, selectable user group.

AJAX Register gives your Joomla site a better user experience for registration through inline field validation, also allowing you to extend your registration form with unlimited number of custom fields saved under each user profile.

You can create additional text or text area input fields or even radio buttons, select lists or check boxes with unlimited number of options, upload fields for images and documents which allows you to require additional information on registration that is perfectly fit for just your site.

Besides giving a better user experience, AJAX Register will also eliminate spammers via several types of CAPTCHA options.

It also features auto-login after successful registration, custom redirection URLs, Email as Username option, selectable user group and multiple forms to register users into different user groups, each group with different custom fields for registration.

AJAX Register will seamlessly override Joomla's own registration component, you won't even notice it's there. Just install it and you already have new AJAX based account registration, but would you need to customise it, you will find different configuration options in admin and powerful layout and translation possibilities.

Increase the number of registered users on your site by offering a user-friendly, foolproof registration experience!

Key features:

• AJAX technology, making the registration process quick and user friendly
• Seamless integration overriding the core registration component
• Easy installation, no additional settings required, no core hacks
• Native MVC structure
• Add unlimited custom fields for registration
• Create multiple registration forms to register users to different groups
• On-the-fly field validation as you type
• Asynchronous check for username and email availability
• Live password strength check
• Error messages and information inline presentation
• Redirection options after successful registration, to referrer or custom URL
• Possibility to turn system messages on and off
• Auto-login after successful registration and account activation
• Built-in CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA and custom questions with asynchronous validation
• Unlimited number of options for custom selection fields
• Conditional fields, set custom dependency for each field
• Allow user to select user group to be registered into, choose available groups
• Create multiple registration forms to register users to different groups, with different extra fields and different redirections
• Option to use Email as Username
• Username blocks, words censor
• IP filters, whitelist/blacklist, ranges and wildcards supported
• Backend administration with customization settings
• Custom fields info available within user profile and user manager
• Users CSV export with custom fields info
• Multilanguage support, simple translation
• Templates for easy layout editing
• CSS Styling

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Reviews: 4
I loaded down this extension some days ago. After installing the extension I tried to register myself on my own site. I didn't find my mistake so I asked Emir for help. Over night I receipt the answer. In my joomla configuration settings my mistake was found. I'm very satisfied with quick and qualified support. Also the extension solved my problems I've had before with registrations.
Thank You Emir for your great job.

Reviews: 6
This is the third time I have been buying Ajax Register component.

Always new functionalities are added and it is always up-to-date when a new Joomla version comes out.

I have a web site with more than 10,000 members. So selecting a new username had always been a problem for a new user. During the registration, Ajax Register shows the new user if the username has already been taken without the need of page reload.

Emir is a wonderful and a very skilled developer. He has done many custom works for me so far including the one for Ajax Register.

Don't think twice, buy it if you need it.
Reviews: 15
A great way to go for a free membership website. Let's you collect custom member information without the need for a big complicated subscription system and checkout cart. Found it a little tricky to get working because the documentation is on the weak side. On the other hand, Emir provides almost instant support. He answered me in five minutes. I can't say enough about his dedication to customers. And his patience with me! He promised to work up some more detailed documention soon. On balance this is a great little component that does exactly what it says and has great support behind it. All at the right price.
Reviews: 1
While the component still can be improved, it is already easily configurable to fit ones needs on creating multiple forms for registration.

Excellent after sales service.
Reviews: 1
The component is easy to use, and functions well.

I needed some customizations done, and the support was excellent, fast, and thorough. Customizations were done in only a few hours.

Reviews: 2
Emir has done a fantastic job with this component. I had a minor issue with the K2 plugin conflicting with the ajax register plugin and it was patched within hours of contacting the developer. WOW!

If you need custom fields in your Joomla! registration then look no further. This extension works perfectly and if it doesn't you can count on Emir to help quickly.

I think the latest release added conditional fields so now the solution is perfect.
Reviews: 11
Installed and working within 5 minutes. Works perfect.

Just missing 'adding emailadres to acymailing'
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a way to simplify and take some of the pain out of the standard Joomla registration process, and did not want to use pop ups. After trying a few, this extension is exactly what I was looking for.

Works right away and is easy to configure, the documentation is a little light, but since its pretty intuitive thats not a real problem.
Reviews: 1
I would say it one of excellent components. Installation and configuration is easy.
I like the validation using Ajax it really gives user better experience with registration in my site. Because the component or plugin will check if username is valid or not without submittion.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed AJAX Register for my subscription website. I was expecting to have to learn how to use it as a separate component, but when it installed, it automatically integrated itself into Joomla's existing registration forms, so that everywhere I'd find Joomla's forms, AJAX Register's features instantly showed up.

With AJAX, I am able to add my own fields and re-direct users after login to any place on my site I want them to land. Those were the key features I was interested in.

Thanks, Emir!
Jen Rundle
Reviews: 1
Easy, fast and foolproof. I was looking for adding more fields, change the username for the email registered and this did it. If you add more options for the radio buttons it will be perfect.
Reviews: 7
I wanted a quick an easy validation method for Joomla profile plugin and registration page. I used this plugin to add the custom profile fields during registration and got it to validate them too all in a few minutes. Very happy with this plugin.
Reviews: 42
Very easy to use and works perfectly straight out the box.
Excellent support.
Nice job Emir!
Reviews: 1
Spent a lot of time looking to add fields to my registration and all I could find was information on editing the SQL and PHP files. Then I came across this extension. Works great, saved me a lot of time...
Reviews: 5
A simple plugin with a great help to add the regular register fields. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
On our Joomla 1.5 site we spent much time developing our own modules and plugins to give us the registration form we needed. Ajax Register means that we can design our registration forms on our Joomla 2.5 site quickly and simply. Excellent. I found a bug, which Emir corrected within half an hour. So very pleased with the service.
Reviews: 4
I design sites on J2.5. This component to install, use very simple. It works!
Reviews: 14
An excellent extension, which is aust for any registration site. Very responsive support.
Reviews: 2
well, it looks like a great extension. something on my site caused it not to work properly but the support was adequate and the guy responded promptly to my probolem email. It never did work right but I am sure it was my inexperience with php editing. I didnt want to go through all the steps he recommended so I just disabled it.
Reviews: 3
Great Plugin, works nice and excellent support! Thanks to Emir!
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