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yKhoon HTML Protector ComponentPlugin

yKhoon HTML Protector is an extension that protect your web site HTML source code. The extension will encrypt or encode your HTML source code so that other people can not see it. This extension is specifically made for the security minded people. After all, you can not change what you can not see.

This extension is Search Engine friendly. The extension will check whether the visitor of the web site is human or search engine bots. If the visitor is human, then, the extension will encrypt or encode the HTML source code. Otherwise, the extension will do nothing. This extension does not require any special server configuration in order to work. This extension is an "install and forget" type of extension.


1. Able to allow or forbid the content sharing on Facebook and Google+.

Main Features:

1. Encrypt or encode your web site HTML source code.
2. Detect and encrypt or encode the HTML source code when the visitor is human.
3. Show protected message when the visitor try to view the HTML source code.
4. Change the protected message to suit your web site.
5. Choose whether to encrypt or encode the javascript in the HTML source code.
6. Force the web site to use UTF8 encoding.
7. Hide the Joomla version in the HTML source code.
8. Determine which search engine bot gets un-encrypted or un-encoded version of HTML source code.
9. Auto encrypt or encode the javascript coding that the yKhoon Content Protector (Basic or Advanced Edition) generated.
10. Compatible with AJAX enable web site.
11. Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
12. Does not require any special server configuration.
13. Does not encrypt or encode the HTML source code of Joomla! Administration (back-end).
14. Support Integrated Product Update System for checking and download latest version of the product.
15. Encrypt or encode the elements inside the head tag.
16. Encrypt the article of your choice.

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Reviews: 19
come on ! 99% use firebug/wed dev tools to check code. if they don't fall in this category then they wont even check the code.I have no idea whats the use of this extension now. It create a js file which output personal message, BUT when you scroll further in Firebug the codes are there!
Reviews: 4
very useful extension, handy and essential to have an extra protection!!
Reviews: 3
I just purchased this today and I couldn't be happier! I needed specific links in my html code to be hidden, and I have spent weeks trying various methods to do so. Nothing worked until I tried this. It installed fast and worked like a charm. Tested it on chrome, firefox, IE8 and IE9 and Safari. Thank you to the developer for a great product. PS.. wish you had discounts for purchase of multiple products. Would have got the content protector too.
Reviews: 20
Good and usefull extension especially for business compagnies
thank you
Reviews: 1
The flaw in this extension starts from the idea that you can deliver HTML to a browser, without delivering it to someone who would be using that code (i.e. a web developer)

This extension is defeated by Chrome's "inspect element" function, user agent spoofing, and I'm sure many more functions. (try it out the demo page)
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

This extension will prevent most of the internet users from viewing your HTML code and make it harder from those who have the right knowledge and skill to view the HTML code.

With this extension, you will able to decrease the number of internet users who can easily view your HTML code from 100% to a community of people who have the right knowledge and skill.

Reviews: 3
the product is great for designers and support is great; if it is needed they give it well.