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System - Nomad Plugin

Nomad is not login redirection, it's homepage redirection!!! Joomla gives you a single homepage - Nomad gives as many as you need! Per-group or per-user - as many as you need.

An administrator can make global redirect setting, per-group settings, and/or individual user settings. The plugin checks first for a user setting, then a group setting, then a global setting - redirecting on the first value it finds. If no value is found, the user is sent to the normal homepage. Users who aren't logged in are not affected by this plugin, they see the normal homepage.

There are no limits to the number of assignments you can make!

Version 1.7 - resolves PHP Strict Standards error - nothing major.
Version 1.8 - updated or Joomla 3.x compatibility
Version 1.9 - fixed non-sef URL ampersand error
Version 1.10 - fixed javascript error caused by a difference in 3.0 user field ids and 3.2 user field ids.

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 3
Thank you so much for such an invaluable plugin. Just what i was sourcing for quite sometime.
Reviews: 7
This is exactly what I wanted, and needed, to complement my website - we have our staff, and also volunteer groups, who login to view details about upcoming projects.

I can now send the groups to their own details pages, and our staff to the admin overview page.

I use a number of Michael's extensions, and am always happy with them.
Reviews: 3
This plugin does exactly what it says - you can create an extremely granular login system that allows each user or group of users to be sent directly to the content of greatest interest to them. Nice piece of code - perhaps Joomla will include this in the core next time :-)
Reviews: 70
I'm building an intranet and wanted a login page as the home page for the public and a totally different home page for logged-in members. This little plugin did the trick perfectly! Very easy to install and configure... Highly recommended if you need multiple home pages.
Reviews: 3
Very useful plugin, I have been looking for a while now for a plugin specifically that allows a "home" page to be assigned to individual users, not just users in a particular "group" or user level.

This is the only one I have found that does exactly as I needed.

It is easy to install and configuration is straight forward.

Quality products from this developer - I also use Admin Exile and a few others.
Reviews: 12
I downloaded three different Login Redirects tonight. I'm using Community Builder's login module. This plugin worked seamlessly.

Additionally, I like the fact that is isn't a heavy component doing the work. It is just a plugin. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
I found this very easy to install and then set up. Worked first time and I now have neat homepage for registered users. Simple and yet so useful. Nice work!
Reviews: 1
Really usefull this extension. I had some problems in the beginning because you must set redirect of your login module (after login...) to HOME PAGE, otherwise it don't works. Only one problem : the redirection is not to the page, but to the article of the page! (So you can't have modules on the page (exemple : logout....) on the same operation. But great function and I thanks.
Owner's reply

I think you're confused, or don't know how to configure your site for this extension. Redirection is to a menu item, and that menu item (page) can most certainly contain modules. This plugin is designed to send users to an alternate homepage when the home link is clicked.

Additionally, redirect-after-login isn't a feature of this extension, but it can be achieved if your login module is configured to send users to the homepage.

You're negatively impacting my extension rating based on things the extension isn't designed to do.

Reviews: 3
Had a little trouble at first. Turned out I hadn't set my login module to redirect to home page. Once it was set properly it all worked fine. Was a handy replacement and improvement for a module that did this in 1.5.
Reviews: 6
I needed some help so I posted on their support forums. Michael went BEYOND most developers, taking the time to leave a lengthly reply to my situation.

I wanted some additional functionality unique to my site so he suggested coding a custom plugin at a really reasonable rate. Before I could agree, he sent me another email saying that actually another developer has already done a commercial plugin like that for cheaper, and he linked to the page.

A stand up and skilled developer who provides top notch service and plugins.
Owner's reply

Honesty is the best policy. Those who have kids will understand what I mean when I say that I always try to set the best example.

I may have lost a few dollars in development work, but I did what was right and felt good about doing it.

And I have an answer to your other question too. emailing soon.

Reviews: 10
Don't waste money on anything else, this plugin is exceptional. Installed, configured and up and running within 5 minutes. BRILLIANT!
Reviews: 3
My site design really needed to encourage users to register on the home page. But after registration, I didn't want to continue to ask users to register.

This plugin does that. Simply load the plugin, then activate it and two clicks to set up your rule and it works! It took less than two minutes from download to implementation.
Reviews: 4
This extension is so simple it's crazy! I've been looking for something to simply redirect users based on groups and couldn't find anything until I found your extension. Thank you so much for making things easy!
Reviews: 14
This is an excellent extension. Almost all the components, modules and plugins provide an URL field, which is somehow difficult to obtain, and promt to errors upon copy and paste.

This is a must have if your only need is for a login redirect for groups and users.

Great interface, can add as many redirections as needed.
Reviews: 1
Hi, I found very useful your plugin, just what I needed, install it in joomla 2.5.6 vesion, I can login! Correctly and redirects me correctly, the problem is that it will not let me close the assignment of the user, and returns to load the same page, thanks
Owner's reply

Could you email me? I don't understand what you're describing.

Reviews: 2
I have been using JED for over two and a half years without writing a review so imagine how good, emphasize on GOOD, this plugin is for me to actually write one. It took me less than a minute to set up and get running, almost no effect on the loading time and a breeze to understand.
It's extensions like these that makes me fall in love with Joomla all over again.
Reviews: 5
Thank you very much, it helped me. It does what it says. Great!
Reviews: 11
Wicked! This was exactly the type of plugin that I was searching for!! Many thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 9
This plugin does what it says... and about a month into my Joomla 2.5 development, I noticed a problem with certain AJAX behavior. The developer jumped right in and immediately came up with a fix - lightening fast!

Great extension.
Reviews: 2
Such a simple but useful little plugin. It works exactly how it should with minimal fuss.

Support is also excellent. I ran into a slight problem with SEO and the developer responded immediately with a fix.
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