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Logged in Home Page Plugin

This little plugin allows you to have a separate link as the homepage for the users who are logged in.

To use, just install the plugin, go to the params, and select a menu item to be the home page for logged in users. Then enable the plugin and save.
You should be all set up!

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Reviews: 11
Seems that this plugin doesn't work at all in Joomla 2.5.3
I don't get the plugin parameters so I can set the page where the logged in user has to go to if logged in. And even that little hack mentioned in the comments didn't work. Too bad since it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for :(
Reviews: 1
My site used a splash page for login and I wanted logged in users to skip this and display the full site by default.

So glad I found this extension, does exactly what I wanted and took seconds to setup.
Reviews: 5
I used this with my 1.5 site and after migration I found that I couldn't choose the correct home for logged in users. The config menu no longer appeared. I tried to play around with the database to properly set it, but instead, I just edited the php file, if you want to continue to use this, just edit althome.php and change line 44
the $link in that line is the url it will direct you too. If your logged in users home page is "" remove the $link and enter (home)
works perfectly
Reviews: 4
Yuss....! just what I really needed when I helped out a friend build a website with client login......

Thanks so much to the Developer.....

Cheers ^_^
Reviews: 3
Simple and almost does what it promises. Just logging in doesn't switch the homepage. After clicking the homepage menu item, everything is ok. But it is important the registered users will see their dedicated content right after logging in...
Owner's reply


It only changes the Home page menu redirection. Its not a redirect on Login plugin.

Reviews: 4
I needed this plugin for one of my sites and it solved my problem effortlessly. Thanks to the developers for a great job.
Reviews: 4
It do exactly what my client wants. Have a clean home page for user without all the modules on right and left.
Reviews: 1
Installed easily and so far seems to be doing what I need it to do! This functionality is so required I can't believe it took this long to come out.