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DomainRestriction Plugin

Allow/Deny registration to specific email, domain or TLD and perform automatic group assignments on IP (address or CIDR network), email, domain or TLD. Restrictions, group assignment/revocation, and more.

Using DomainRestriction is simple. Enter one or more domains into the plugin configs and you're done. Anyone attempting to register an email address that isn't on the approved domain list is immediately denied or vice versa - inclusive or exclusive - it's your choice.

Need more granularity? No problem! Additional configuration allows an administrator to allow specific email addresses in addition to or instead of the domain restrictions! If you want to use it in the opposite manner - you can allow all and deny specific domains and addresses. On special request, I've added the ability to allow/disallow on specific TLDs as well.

Give it a try using the demo link above. You'll never guess the valid domains ;)

Admins can edit the language file to change the failure message. I chose to make the default failure message vague.

For the administrator who wants to automate group assignment based on domain or TLD, a new set of options has been added to allow group assignment on a per-domain or per TLD basis. Additional configuration can prevent modification for selected groups or individual addresses.

Update 2.0 - Complete rewrite. More efficient - uses new Joomla API features.
Update 2.1 - Add option to assign groups per individual email address alongside the existing domain and TLD assignments. (Thanks for the suggestion Vincent!)
Update 2.2 - fix bad email test and other improvements (Thanks Serge!)

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 7
I like the plug-in for new registrations, but I wish it would also protect the user from changing their email address to one those that restricted after then register with one that is accepted.
Reviews: 1
This plugin does exactly what is says and let me tell you my friends it does it very well! After testing out several others only to find limitations on the features I required, I came across this one and gave it a try and was super pleased with the simple layout and exceptional results!
Reviews: 6
Just found this as i am desiging a content restricted online catalogue for one big company. Im hoping this will cut out lots of work...... just tested with spoof email and could not reg....... great so far. thanks Richy
Reviews: 10
Now I understand how it works, this plug-in is proving really useful for blocking, allowing and assigning user-groups to particular domains.

Big "heads up" for Michael Richey, too - I had a couple of questions and he answered quickly, even on a Sunday. Fab!
Reviews: 2
This extension gives me the rest..
It's the guard..
Even in reCaptcha, human spams are there, this extension reduce those spammers from getting around :)
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and it works great. I needed a small adjustment so that I could copy and paste to list and developer was very nice enough to update the code to implement request, all for free. What a great plugin. Thank you very much for your work.
Reviews: 3
This extension works well and does the job. I was looking for a tool to block those public email domain signups and this does the job well. No more spam and bot signups. Many thanks.

Needed a couple of language strings added but apart from that excellent plugin.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this plugin, I needed it the other way around, since I get a lot of SPAM registrations from 3-4 domains, if you change Line 42 from false to true and Line 44 from true to false, you'll allow ALL domains EXCEPT for the ones you specified.
You may of course adjust the tooltips, but that's not really important.

Thanks again,

Owner's reply

You reduced my extension rating because you wanted to use it in exactly the opposite way that it was designed to be used?

What you wanted is already an option in the new version to be released in a few days.

Reviews: 2
This was exactly what I was looking for. I was concerned that it might not work with CB (Community Builder) but it worked just great in my testing.

One possible addition to consider in the future would be regular expression matching for the domain names and usernames. This could be an advanced feature so that it doesn't scare off users who don't know regular expressions.

Even without this suggestion, this plugin is wonderful.
Reviews: 3
This component was exactly what I needed and is really quite simple to use.
Good work. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Works like a charm! Searched for hours and this simple pluging did it!

Thanks mate!
Reviews: 4
Thanx for an amazing plugin. Was looking for this and couldn't be happier to get it for free.

i'm doing a small project for my school and don't have have the finance to buy one. btw, i'm still developing the website and was working in joomla 1.7 and so will have to rollback to 1.6 version. any plans to support joomla 1.7?

Thanx for a great app.
Owner's reply

The Joomla 1.6 version is also compatible with Joomla 1.7.

It's funny, I wrote this plugin originally for a use on a school district website!

Reviews: 2
This is a very useful plugin. My site only has to except one email domain.

The only problem I have is that I use a Dutch translation.
This results in an Error after registration. I hope I can find a solution.
Owner's reply

Thanks for reporting this. The newest version (currently 1.1) addresses the language issue.