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LazyDbBackup Plugin

LazyDbBackup is based on LazyBackup by Stefan Granholm. (GNU/GPL 2 or over license). This plugin was internationalised (for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6) and modified to run with Joomla! 1.6 and now Joomla! 2.5 (Joomla! 3.2 too).
All versions come now with English, French, German translation files (thanks to Nathalie Laurent ( for this German translation) and now Spanish translation by Jorge Ferreira ( 2012-12-20 : added italian translation by Giovanni Roli.

Its purpose is to backup your Joomla! (only MySQL) database and send the backup file by e-mail. One parameter allows you to deactivate the e-mail feature; the backup files are then kept in a special folder which you can download by FTP when needed.

Version 1.5.5 for Joomla! 1.5
Version 1.6.5a for Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7.0
Version 2.5.0a for Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5
2011-07-09: corrected bug when sending backup to multiple email addresses (thanks to Gerald Berger)
2011-12-23: 2.5.0 now Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5beta compatible
2012-01-19: 2.5.0a Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5 compatible
2012-09-26: 3.0.1 Joomla! 2.5/3.0 compatible
2013-11-18: 3.1.2 Joomla! 2.5-3.2 compatible

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Reviews: 3
Simple, easy, necessary!
Every website I install gets this extension!

Almost did not install on my J!3 sites since the update was so old. The newest (as of this review) is 3.1.2
Reviews: 4
I have been using Lazy backup in all its various forms for many years. It's a great way to always have a timely backup handy in case of data loss, hacking behavior and just be able to sleep at night.
My philosophy is that if I backup the files alone, I don't have a website. But if I have the database I can always build a new site on it.
LB does the job splendidly.
Reviews: 1
The support for this product is amazing, I emailed the developer, he responded that very afternoon and we exchanged several emails. The extension itself is easy to setup and use, we have it running on over 30 websites.
Reviews: 7
This plugin is a MUST for every website! It has saved me from disaster and is also an easier way to get a quick datadump.
Owner's reply

Thanks to You, donmarvin and to all previous contributors!

Reviews: 1
This is a Must for a website. All my clients (many!!!) have this extension and I get all DB backups direct on an e-mail address. I saved two customer sites after an attack.
Reviews: 3
i used this plugin that is very good to backup auto. However, not support for UTF-8 fomat to gzip or not compression.
Reviews: 37
Love this little plug-in. Simple and easy. Just set and don't worry (until something bad happens). Thanks for a great app!
Reviews: 16
Install, activate, and enter a little information and you're to go. Database backups sent to your inbox. Makes me happy, happy, happy!
Reviews: 2
Can't do any website without it, truly for the lazy ...
Reviews: 2
Many thanks to Lazybackup contributors cause it helped me for many years. And thank you also for the simplicity and all the features brought.
Reviews: 1
Easy and working bugless ! That can't get any better !
Reviews: 9
Fortunately I installed it on a bad server where normal access to my database was impossible & normal scheduled backups were corrupted.
It saved me a lot of time moving the site on another host & locally.
It's a must have.

Now it could have a button to clearly choose between mail or hosted backup.
Reviews: 3
That's the way we like it, sweet, simple but o so functional ;-)

Thanks !
Reviews: 3
Thank you, this is indeed a very very good extension, indispensable for any joomla based site.
Reviews: 1
This extension is simple to install and easy to configure.
I am so grateful that this upgrade has been made available. Lazy Backup has saved my life on many occasions and it's an essential plugin that I always include when setting up new sites.
Well done and thank you!
Reviews: 11
If my memory serves me correctly, LazyDbBackup was introduced on January 29, 2011 based on the excellent plugin called LazyBackup developed by Stefan Granholm. A great moment in Joomla plugin history.

Robert Gastaud, the developer of the latest iteration of the plugin, has done the Joomla community a great service by updating this extremely useful plugin to backup your Joomla databases.

We use it for all our sites to automatically backup the database once a week by email, which we use for our local backups running on WAMP.

A big thanks to both developers for writing such a high quality and reliable piece of software.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your review, Gmaassen