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Easy Joomla Backup - EJB

Easy Joomla Backup creates 'old-school' backups without any frills. All files and a full database dump are stored in one backup zip archive. With this archive you have all important data with which you can restore the website completely combined in one package.

The component is intentionally kept simple, so as not to distract from the essentials: backing up the Joomla! website!

Use the cronjob plugin to schedule your backups!


- Create quickly and easily backups in Joomla!
- Extension creates Backups of all files and the database
- 3 different backup types: Full, Database and File Backup
- All files and a database dump are packed into one ZIP archive
- Extended ACL settings: Configure, Access Administration Interface, Delete, Download, Full Backup, Database Backup, File Backup, Discover
- Easy recovery - files via FTP, database dump via a database tool, e.g. phpMyAdmin
- Exclude files from the backup archive
- Exclude folders from the backup archive
- Add 'DROP TABLE' order to the dump file
- Add additional tables from the database
- System Plugin: EJB Cronjob


Joomla! 3.x -

Joomla! 2.5 -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 1
Quick and easy to use backup software. I was using Akeeba but this backup software is much easier and quicker to use.
Reviews: 4
Found it yesterday and I'm very satisfied with it. Really fast and simple to use!

My new favorite to make backups of my Joomla! websites.

Thank you for developing such a nice extension!
Reviews: 2
This is a great tool that will make backups easy. With a few simple steps you have a choice to ether back up all files and the connected sql database in one zip archive or the option to choose the sql or the files in separate zip archive. Once the installation is finished its easily accessible in the components menu. Thanks for a great product. I plan on donating and using this commercially.
Reviews: 6
Easy, fast install. Download without registration (always a plus for me!).
Simple straightforward process to back up.
The backed up, zipped file is listed under the component area in the admin area of your site, with a link to download it.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 25
This extension keeps things simple and does its declared task exactly as the coder describes. It works and is free. The one must be pretty spoiled to expect more;)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 4
First I looked at the Akeeba..but this is so much simpler!! It's really all you need. click, back up made, click on the file and save it on your harddrive.... Nothing complex, just as is. I love it. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Have success and current backups with EJB. :-)

Reviews: 6
Was just on the JED looking for something and this caught my eye, so thought I would give it a go, and boy!
Simple and does the job, quick to install, easy to use.
Well done, and hats off
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!