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AdminExile Plugin

Your /administrator area is vulnerable - secure it with AdminExile. Access keys, IPv4/6 Black/White Lists (IP and CIDR netmasks supported), Brute Force detection. AdminExile has you covered.

The AdminExile Plugin has long been a favored and highly rated extension in the JED. Read the reviews, check out the 9 pages of documentation, and then try it yourself.

Key features:
* Access key(s) - key only, or key + key value. Others provide one or the other. AdminExile provides BOTH.
* Front-end Restriction - Restrict certain accounts from logging into the front-end with accounts intended only for back-end use.
* Lost Key Recovery - Useful for individuals using extremely difficult keys, or teams who change the keys frequently.
* IP White and Black Lists - Use individual addresses, or CIDR netmasks to define your lists.
* Brute Force Protection - Penalize users who abuse your system.
* Management of blocked addresses - See a list of blacklist attempts and bruteforce attempts, as well as the ability to reset those IP addresses.
* Admin Notification - When abuse comes from a blacklisted address or brute force is detected, an administrator can be sent a notification.
* Stealth Mode - Prevents tell-tale signs that something exists at /administrator, like the session cookie!

There are far too many features to describe in this page. Visit the documentation link to get the bigger picture.

Version 2.3.0 - additional error handling for invalid IP address/subnets typed in configuration - new IP configuration interface (With automatic sorting) and IP validation
Version 2.3.1 - fix include path issue experienced in older PHP versions
Version 2.3.2 - PHP Dynamic Loader enhancements (Thanks Richard B.)
Version 2.3.3 - fixed include path error
Version 2.3.4 - silenced unneeded warnings
Version 2.3.5 - resolved errors introduced by J3.3.1 and J2.5.19
Version 2.3.6 - EMERGENCY UPDATE - resolving VEL SQL Injection vulnerability report (Thanks Ahmad Prayitno)

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 7
What can I say other than it works very well and hides your admin page. It's very easy to set up and doesn't really need much configuration after that.

There was an issue with Joomla 3.x where you couldn't white/blacklist IP addresses. It's fixed now with a recent update. It's free but worth making a donation, I did.
Reviews: 4
I am using the following Hacking programs. JHack, Brute Force and now AdminExile. This is far most the best one. But they are all great programs. I love how it works a helps prevent those from trying to hack sites. I guess these people have nothing better else to do. A must for Joomla Site. Great Program Thanks
Reviews: 12
A very simple Plugin that corrects the problem with the Administrator in Joomla being well known, and therefore vulnerable to attack from hackers. Easy to install, and I love the fact that it can email the Administrator with the correct link if needed. Many thanks, an excellent plugin.
Owner's reply

The "Mail Link" feature was a user request! If you have an idea for new functionality - I take requests. Things that make sense for the plugin are added!

Reviews: 1
Yes, barely visible, vulnerable, many options, and support 5.5. Thanks

If something does not work in your settings, stop, think twice, write to support. The solution is well worth it.
Reviews: 3
This plug-in works like a charm. Easy to install.
Reviews: 1
I just enable the url protection with a my fav word. it is like a new added password. Just me know it and who try to login will get a nice 404 ;-)

I really suggest it to everyone.
Reviews: 5
I'm using this extension for EVERY site I manage. It's really easy to setup and works well. On Joomla! 3.x there's a problem with the white and black lists not functioning. I've contacted the developer over a month ago and he said it's a know issue and it will be taken care of soon. Even made a small donation as I truly believe he's doing a wonderful job. Unfortunately the bug was not fixed yet and that's way only 4 stars.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the delay. I sustained a head injury and have only been doing work for my contract clients while I healed. Many of my extensions will be receiving bug/fix updates today, AdminExile is the first.

Reviews: 3
If your on a shared server... and your site gets a brute attack... your account will be suspended... your site will go off line... and until you add an .htaccess file with ip allow/disallow or a better solution is adding this plugin on top of the allow/disallow...

Works excellent... if you get locked out... no worries easily fixed. Works great with the new two factor authentication in Joomla.

Hopefully, these measures will stop the nonsense.
Reviews: 9
Simple and perfect, sure has saved me a lot of trouble and time.
Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I cannot fault this plugin not only do I have the ability to create keys in my admin path using letters, numbers and even !? etc this of course makes it hard to find admin panels. I do however at present have someone trying to brute force my backend and without this tool I would never of known let alone be able to change url path and even block ips from specified periods of time. FREE and one of the best and clearly essential tool available for Joomla.
Reviews: 19
A really good extension with brilliant explanation of the functionality and of how to use the extension. It should be the first thing to install to ensure better security. Thank you for this fantastic extension. :-)
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says. Very easy to install and configure and should be the first plug-in installed on EVERY Joomla installation! Fantastic job, Michael!
Reviews: 28
I have been using Joomla for several years now and rate Adminexile as the single most important Joomla extension I use. I install this on absolutely all sites I develop, and use this together with a number of other security extensions to keep all my sites as safe as possible.

I also configure the email alert option so that I get emailed every time someone try to hack into the Joomla backend, and the attempts has gone through the roof in the last year.

If you haven't protected your admin url yet, then do not hesitate.

Download and install this plugin straight away, and within minutes you will have increased the security many fold.
Reviews: 1
A must have for Joolmla sites. Any problems have been immediately solved by the developer. Thank you.
Owner's reply

I can test in many environments - but I can't test in all environments. It takes bug reports to find the outliers - the bugs that spring up from system configurations that I didn't test.

Along with the bug reports, it also takes users like you who are willing to take the time to help me test in your environment, where I have no physical presence.

Thanks for helping to make this extension even better!

Reviews: 1
This is just so easy to install, configure and run. And then your site has amazing security! Thank you so much for this.
Reviews: 4
"Hide" your /administrator directory and MUCH more. Had a small issue and Mike had a solution ready for me in just a few hours. If I could give it 6 stars, I would. Thanks!!!!
Reviews: 7
This plugin is a must have. Huge thanks to the developer for offering it as a non-commercial license! Just having the ability to customize the admin login location is enough for an excellent rating, but all the other additional tools take it over the top. Huge thanks for your work!
Owner's reply

Other users are as responsible for the current features as I am. When I think of, or a user requests a feature that would make my extensions better - it gets added.

This extension has evolved with great support from the community and people like you.... not that you aren't part of the know what I mean :)

Reviews: 9
Nice plugin, nice support. Just perfect ! Michael Richey is so friendly with n00bs like me.
Owner's reply

We all start somewhere. :)

Reviews: 7
Would recommend that make this core to Joomla! Support was great too. We made a donation.
Reviews: 5
Works as promised ! Thumbs up! Easy to set up and freeeee !!!
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