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Password Control Plugin

The Password Control system plugin enforces password changes upon registered site users. The change can be enforced for the initial (first) connection only, and/or for periodic changing.
Optionally the users can be redirected back to the home page when a password change is enforced.
There is the ability to define 'exempt' users, i.e. users for whom the administrator does not want to enforce password changing.
The password entered by the user is checked against the previous user passwords (number is site defined) to ensure that it is changed and that the user is not reusing a password again, or just pressing the submit buttom without providing a new password.
The latest version permits the specification of password criteria, and also incorporates an optional password generator to create passwords meeting the specified criteria.

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Reviews: 3
The updated version of the plugin is just excelent for a free plugins and i was very glad for the help the support gave me, it was very fast and acertive.

Totally recommend this plugin
Reviews: 4
This one goes straight to the point and saves the hassle of registering users and then getting confusion with the password change process. It coul well be a native Joomla feature. Thank you.
Reviews: 3
I'm building a site for a senior community where we're pre-registering all of the residents and issuing them a temporary password. We want all of the users to change them to their preferred password, but I've been worried that the default "change password" process in Joomla is too complicated. This little plugin fits perfectly, and makes a nice, simple process automatic. Thank you. No problems in installing. Setting options is straight forward even without documentation, and it seems to work perfectly. My only complaint is that I wish it came with an even simpler password change screen. It defaults to the standard edit profile page, which gives users more choices than I want. A plugin that provided for new password entry and nothing more would be welcome.