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Watchful Client Component

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[NEW] Support for Joomla 1.5 remote updates.
[NEW] Support for CSV Improved Pro updates.
[NEW] RESTful API for all features.
[NEW] Available in English, Italian and French.
[*] Added Google Analytics reporting to the Watchful Dashboard
[EXCLUSIVE] Added support for template update notifications (if available from template provider)
[*] Full uptime monitoring (we check every 5 minutes)
[*] Coffee monitoring App released (happy April Fools! )
[*] Advanced export added for sites, extensions and logs.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update JCE Plugins from your Dashboard
[EXCLUSIVE] Remote install any Joomla add-on to all your sites
[EXCLUSIVE] Update jInbound from your Dashboard
[EXCLUSIVE] Remote Install from Dropbox
[WINNER] Best Joomla App 2013
[*] 1-click addition of sites to your Watchful dashboard. just1click
[*] Add additional addresses for email alerts.
[*] Personalize notifications types.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update Akeeba Backup (Core and Pro) right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update Admin Tools (Core and Pro) right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update Akeeba Subscriptions (Core and Pro) right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update Akeeba Ticket System right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update AcyMailing right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update ACL Manager right from your dashboard.
[EXCLUSIVE] Update NoNumber add-ons right from your dashboard.
[*] French-speaking users can use the Watchful service in their native language.
[*] One-click updates makes updating fast and easy.
[*] Now supports Joomla 3.
[*] Now supports tagging and notes for organizing your dashboard.
[*] Now supports remote malware scanning.

The Watchful Client allows you to remotely backup, upgrade and monitor your Joomla web site using the service at

By giving you the power to remotely update all of your Joomla web sites in one convenient location, saves you time and ensures that critical maintenance tasks are implemented consistently and thoroughly.

In addition to updating Joomla and Joomla add-ons, comes packed with useful features. Perhaps most important among them is the remote backup feature since all web sites should be backed up before applying any upgrade. also adds comprehensive activity logging to all of your Joomla web sites. This allows Watchful to notify you when important files are modified or when web services such as PHP are changed. Since these features of your site rarely change, any notification may indicate unauthorized activity on your web site.

To test the Watchful service, sign up for the FREE Watchful trial at

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Reviews: 1
I'm using watchful now for a few months and saves time and helps me keeping several site's/components uptodate.

I just missed the backup information (Last scheduled backup) on the update page. A very nice to have option.

But I just created a support ticket and within a week this was implemented.
Great customer support !!
Reviews: 6
You have hundreds of sites to manage and update? Stop! go The only REAL solution!
Reviews: 18
I base reviews on 2 major factors. Effectiveness and support. This saves so much time and headaches, it is very effective. Support was pretty fast too. I'd recommend
Owner's reply

Glad it's working so well!

Reviews: 13
Great tool - I have around 30 sites to monitor and I think Watchful will cut my monthly time down from days to hours. It has a function to combine it with Akeeba Backup Pro - I'd highly recommend installing both.
Owner's reply

We're very happy that you've found our service helpful. Have you noticed the new feature we released? Full uptime monitoring:

You can see this now in your site details.

Reviews: 9
If you manage several sites this is a must have. No more do some sites get forgotten and without updates or recent backups. The support is tremendous even if the error is mine!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad its working well. Happy Updating!

Reviews: 6
We maintain around 120 Joomla sites at our shop. So far we've added about 50 to watchful and every new site gets it.

Before we started using some sites fell through the cracks and didn't get updated as often as they should have.

The ones that were updated regularly required valuable time and effort.

Watchful is neither perfect nor free, but it saves us time and keeps our clients safe and up to date. That makes us look good and adds to our bottom-line.

The support has been excellent when required and tweaks and improvements have been ongoing.

If you manage more than a handful of sites, this tool is essential.
Owner's reply

We very much appreciate your feedback. We're always working to "perfect" Watchful and we are proud you have trusted us with managing your sites. I hope you have had a chance to check out our new 1-click site addition! #just1click

Reviews: 3
I've waited so long for a service like this. Having to manage many Joomla sites on several servers was a major workload. Each site had different extensions that had to be kept track of also.
Finally, with Joomla itself giving us clickable updates, and now with allowing us to do it all remotely, there is less to worry about with outdated extensions and hacks.

Sometimes it seems there is an update for an extension that I haven't seen posted on a developers website or rss feed yet. is watching out for site and server admins.
Owner's reply

Watchful supports more updates than any other service and the list keeps growing. Glad you find that feature useful.

Reviews: 2
I remember not too long ago trying to manage an Excel spreadsheet that listed all the various extensions on the more than 50 websites I manage. Then I discovered Watchful and since have said goodbye to the cumbersome spreadsheet and hello to the peace of mind knowing that with just a few clicks of the mouse I can have a list of all the out of date extensions on my sites. And in many cases I can run the updates right from my Watchful dashboard.
Owner's reply

Very happy that it's working well for you! Good luck in your work and Happy Updating :)

Reviews: 13
If you manage even a few Joomla! sites this is essential. It saves so much time and places all of the important information right in front of you. It keeps me informed about site changes and updates and allows quick backups remotely. The support is amazing as well.
Owner's reply

We are thrilled that we could solve your issues and hope you have lots of fun with all the free time you now have on your hands :)

Reviews: 14
For those who are responsible for several Joomla installations, this component is excellent, easy-to-use and trustworthy in helping keep the Joomla core (and key components) up to date.
I have tried using other components to do this job, and watchful is the best I have found.
Support is good and quick.
The pricing after the trial does add up a bit over time, however it should be worth the time you save in managing many Joomla web sites.
Great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks ecweb! Much appreciated!

Reviews: 7
An absolutely killer addition to the Joomla world.

As a designer and site developer with over 75 Joomla sites under my belt it's great to be able to offer clients the service to quickly and easily update their sites and extensions.

Not only is it a great service as it stands but in the month and a half we've been using it there have already been significant advances and developments which are all very positive.

Great work from Victor and everyone else there. A killer app.
Reviews: 1
I have been using Watchful since the service was released. It has made the managing of updates and backups for my many client websites much more efficient than what I had been doing.

Prior to the Watchful service I kept a database that held client site information. I used this to track Joomla! and extension versions. It was a painful experience compared to using the Watchful dashboard. With Watchful in just a few minutes I can identify sites which need updating and it can be done through the Watchful interface instead of going to each individual website backend. This truly is a command centre of site maintenance.

By using Watchful I am saving hours of my time which is now spent on other more profitable tasks. Watchful also makes the automation of scheduling cron backups a joy. Now all my sites are backed up to offsite web servers using Akeeba Backup Pro with Watchful. This is the right way to do backups.

By using Watchful for your client sites you can easily justify additional value added service offerings to your clients. Using Watchful to keep an eye on all your Joomla! websites and extensions so that they are always up-to-date is far better than having to deal with a hacked website because a site fell behind in security updates.

Watchful has continued to add new features making this one of the very best investments for my Joomla! business. The people behind Watchful are responsive and the ticketing system for their customers is a pleasant experience. If you have ever been frustrated by poor support from a paid service or extension you'll appreciate the Watchful experience.

Two thumbs up from me from this five star service!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the very detailed review. We're thrilled that it works for your agency.

Reviews: 1
Save time care of other matters, their Joomla sites are automatically updated and the backup's done.

Very good.
Owner's reply

Thanks! We appreciate your feedback.

Reviews: 16
I have began to follow my different website with an excell sheet. You can imagin how it was a pleasure to keep it updated :-) Now i'm using WatchFull (thanks to Rockettheme for their special offer). It's great, easy to use and the team give a good support if you meet a problem... I'm just now waiting for "sub-manager" per domain (in the same way of analitycs), and i will considere this product like "finished" :-)
Owner's reply

We have lots of users who are thrilled that they can ditch excel for Watchful :)

Reviews: 14
Incredible you take time for the site setup only one minute per site and then all in one place you can update, check or scan all your sites. perfect for me save my time and money
Reviews: 1
This is a really pro component, I use it with all my clients and their clients on Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0. It gives my clients and my team a great sense of security, really recommend giving it a try!!!
Reviews: 52
I have been waiting for an addon or service for Joomla 2.5 like this one! I talked with other developers who said this couldn't be done, and here we are, a service that does exactly what we need!

We're going to play with this for a while but, when your hosting and doing all the Joomla management for clients, this is a must-have to keep addons and other items updated.

I wonder if the developer would do a leased version to run on our server?
Owner's reply

I'm glad its working for you. We have plans for a self-hosted version in 2013.