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JLex Block ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
JLex Block is an extension limiting the right to view the content on your website.
With JLex Block you can easily set up one of the six blocks following methods:
- Password: You set password and of course the viewer must know the password can view this content.
- Region: Zoning. The viewers come from the countries that you listed will not see that you've locked content.
- User Group: Users within a group that you do not see listed that you've locked content
- Users: Specify the member may to view this page.
- IP: IP list can not be viewed.
- View level: Includes levels are set in joomla, which has 3 basic levels: Public, Registration, Special.

In addition, the following features:
- Lock any page you want.
- Lock all sites
- Only lock component or module includes.
- Allow setting return code and message
- Being replaced & updating parameters

Changelog Version 2.0.0
- Lock elements any where [Module, Component ...ect]
- Add multiple links to group
- Switch feature
- New template, faster and better

Changelog Version 3.0.0
- Add editing feature
- Allow to add one or more parameters

Changelog Version 3.1.0
- Fixed error upgrade from version 1.0 & 2.0
- Fixed error array URL from request & cookies

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Reviews: 2
This is an amazing extension, no bad surprise with it, and most of all, the Team of the extension is very efficient, quick and very nice.

I’m hard to please, but sincerely the JLex Team is perfect, like their extension JLex Block. I have never seen a Team so nice and so helpful.

The extension is very simple to use and do the job, like the demo said.

Don't hesitate to buy it, it worth it.
Reviews: 4
Same opinion here. As long as the other well reviewed password protecting plugin doesn't work with Joomla 3, this is THE solution.
Many private contents should not need registration to be reachable. This extension makes it simple!
The other options of IP and zoning blocking are a real added value.
5 stars, with no hesitation.
Reviews: 13
Worth the small sum. I spent all day looking for what should have been a 5 minute job. I just wanted to password protect a page of downloads for which my client had an already established password, and didn't want all their customers to have to re-register through the Joomla Registration process. Thank you for providing this simple solution - and I think it's the only one available!