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JLex Block ComponentPlugin

JLex Block is an extension of Joomla CMS. It helps you easily protect and change the content of any pages, elements on your website. It currently providing 7 ways to help you protect content in the best way.

Main features:
★ Password: This is the most popular method on Joomla. You can set password to any pages or elements that you want to protect. In addition, you can customize, add new theme (template) in your way. On the same page, you can protect many elements at once.

★ Country manager: Deny / Allow requires from these countries. Each client have one IP, JLex Block will detect client country base on IP. Now, JLex Block providing more 100 countries. So, it will reduce the amount of spam.

★ User Group: This method will collect all groups of Joomla site (like: Public/Guest/Manager/Administrator/Register... and you can add or modify group), and it deny or allow requires from users of these groups.View image

★ User manager: Same as above, this method will deny or allow requires from special users. You can set up multiple elements on same page and assign this element with users that you want them to see.

★ IP manager: Deny / Allow requires from these IP. Same as country manager method, it will reduce the amount of spam.

★ Access view level: The basic, Joomla CMS provide 4 view level : Public / Guest / Register / Special. This method allow you set a minimum level that members can see. Ex: If you set level is Register, users of Register and special level can see content.

★ Stop publish: This method can replace / hidden content of element or page indefinitely or for a period of time.


Watch a short introductory video about JLex Block:

p/s: JLex Block apply for any extension and not affect SEF URLs (SEO).

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Reviews: 40
Excellent component, and really you can make password for everything, just for article, category, component, home page, all site, for one language.... Last interface its great so for me one of the best Joomla component. Good work.
Reviews: 7
This is only the third time that I have rated and extension but this one is so unreal that I personally want to email everyone that works with Joomla to tell them about it! How many times have you struggled with little items that you don't want displayed for certain users? Yes, there are tons of ACL solutions that will block content, or sections or menu items....but NONE block down to the element level! SobiPro users are constantly trying to find a way to show specific entry items to specific users and this is an extremely easy and quick solution for just such a use! I was able to quickly hide Fields on the entry form from registered users allowing me to make these items editable only to a higher paid group! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!! Hat's off for a great extension!
Reviews: 2
This is an amazing extension, no bad surprise with it, and most of all, the Team of the extension is very efficient, quick and very nice.

I’m hard to please, but sincerely the JLex Team is perfect, like their extension JLex Block. I have never seen a Team so nice and so helpful.

The extension is very simple to use and do the job, like the demo said.

Don't hesitate to buy it, it worth it.
Reviews: 4
Same opinion here. As long as the other well reviewed password protecting plugin doesn't work with Joomla 3, this is THE solution.
Many private contents should not need registration to be reachable. This extension makes it simple!
The other options of IP and zoning blocking are a real added value.
5 stars, with no hesitation.
Reviews: 13
Worth the small sum. I spent all day looking for what should have been a 5 minute job. I just wanted to password protect a page of downloads for which my client had an already established password, and didn't want all their customers to have to re-register through the Joomla Registration process. Thank you for providing this simple solution - and I think it's the only one available!