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SpambotCheck Plugin

The plugin protects against spambot attacks on either registration and login process by preventing spambots from register/login. It checks against several databases, such as,,, and The plugin was initially written by Robert Kuster -

For support and feature requests, please visit or contact us at

Please set your e-mail on the e-mail whitelist! If not it may happen that you are locked out, even as admin!

It can be selected by parameters which:

1. Databases to search

2. Process to check
- registration
- registration and login

3. Information to check
- IP
- username
- e-mail

4. Additional notification options
- administrator notification via e-mail
- store information about spambot in Joomla! database

5. Whitelist for e-mail and IP, which shall never be checked

- English
- German

Note: Plugin uses php curl extension for proper working. Curl is available since php 4.0.2.

Note: Plugin is not tested with community third party extensions

Note: Please put your administrator e-mail to the e-mail whitelist!

Note: Spambot database on undisposable does no longer exist. Please set plugin parameter "" to "no" if your plugin version is lower than 1.0.3 (Joomla! 1.5) or 1.1.3 (Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5)

Release history:
Oktober, 18, 2013
Changes for version 1.1.11 (Joomla 2.5): E-Mail Blacklist, Component to manange suspicious users and spambot data

June, 19, 2013
Changes for version 1.3.10 (Joomla! 3.0) and 1.1.10 (Joomla 2.5): Refactoring and minor bug fixing

April, 11, 2013
Changes for version 1.3.9 (Joomla! 3.0) and 1.1.9 (Joomla 2.5)
Improvements in finding all super administrators
Integration of joomla updater (you can use the update function of extension manager to find and install updates)

March, 21, 2013
Changes for version 1.3.8 for Joomla! 3.0 and
Changes for version 1.1.8 for Joomla! 2.5
New parameters to controll admin e-mail notification about spam attacks more specificly.
Always include full user information (username, e-mail and ip) when logging spammer to database (some of these informations haven't been stored in previous versions).
Changes for version 1.1.8 for Joomla! 2.5
Allow generic e-mail whitelist
E-mail whitelist is now a textarea with much more space
Check cUrl availability during installation(which was already availble for Joomla 3.0)

January 14, 2013
New Version 1.3.7 for Joomla! 3.0
Compatibility for Joomla! 3.0
Allow generic e-mail for e-mail whitelist
Make inputfield for e-mail whitelist bigger
Throw a warning if cUrl is not available

September 10, 2012
Changes for Version 1.0.7 (Joomla! 1.5)
Changes for Version 1.1.7 (Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5)

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Reviews: 1
Excellent Plugin, We are really appreciate the efforts of developers for creating such wonderful and very useful plugin....Hats up to you guys..

Thanking you
Reviews: 10
This plugin has eliminated automated spam for me. It's able to perform several types of checks, works flawlessly, and is very easy to setup.
If your website has any kind of public/guest write access (guestbook, forum, contact form etc), then this plugin is something you should install.
The only flaw, though a small one most of us can live with, is that it does not show a user, whose login attemt is rejected, why he cannot log in. So the user may keep trying various passwords etc, even though the password was correct.
Reviews: 17
stops spam at the source. When a known spam user attempts to register or login to your site, this extension will deny the user access and notify admin about what happened.
Reviews: 2
I'd like thanking this great job to the authors.I haven't tried all the options yet, but it went ok with my spam-register problem.
Reviews: 5
We had a serious problem with spam posts and spam logins in our Kunen forum.

This extension is the only one that gave us a solution.

It really stoped spammers being able to login and post messages.

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 7
Spambots are a huge issue, this kind of security ought to be part of Joomla's framework. Does a fantastic job, lets me know when any known spammer IP attempts to register, etc. Love this extension.
Reviews: 11
We had massive problems with automated spambot user registrations.
After installing this plugin 99,5 % of Spammbots can't register any more.

Thank you!!
Reviews: 3
After my forum got overwhelmed with spam I've decided to try this plugin to block the spammers already at registration level.
I have to say I'm impressed with the result. During the last two weeks the plugin catched almost 1500 attemps, all with the StopForumSpam engine.
I've even disabled the captcha to see how many go through.
A few managed to register but those usually got caught by another spam extension.
I can live with that :-)
Reviews: 1
It works beautifully; it stopped 15 spambots in one day.

I'm used to having to figure out why an extension doesn't work with my configuration, what needs to be tweaked, where else I have to go for keys, figure out why they don't work, etc.

With this extension, all I had to do was install it and check a couple of settings, and then it just worked.

This should be a part of the core functionality of joomla!
Reviews: 9
Stopped the spam attacks overnight.

I tried others, but no other catches the spammers so efficiently during registration as this. Most spammers are stopped via the StopForumSpam engine. So make sure that is enabled.

Big thank you to the developer.
Reviews: 1
This plugin has efficiently helped solve our problems with spambot registrations. The fact that blocked names are stored in a table is very helpful. By reviewing the table contents, you can on the one hand track the efficiency of your "filtering" and on the other hand you can verify that you don't block real users.
Reviews: 1
This is the one. Look no further.

I'm using Kunena forum on Joomla 2.5. It became unusable due to registration spam. I tried every other anti-spam add-on and extension I could find, and almost gave up. Then I tried this one, and it works, stopping all but 5 spambot attacks. It stopped and recorded an amazing 4,295 spambot registration attemtps since installing it on December 12, 2012. Today is December 31, 2012. (That's an average of one spambot attack every six minutes!)

Almost all spam was stopped by the extension using "StopForumSpam" verification. This is demonstrated to me by recording spambot attempts in the handy table added to the database. About a dozen were stopped by the "SpamBuster" check, and three by the "ProjectHoneyPot" check.

This is a wonderful extension that has actually solved the seemingly impossible problem. Highly recommended. Thanks guys, your saved my project. Happy New Year.
Reviews: 1
Upgraded a 1.5 site to 2.5.7 as the older site had attracted spam registrations. Reported these ips to spambusters and checked with other sites. So these were suspect spammers. Added SpamBotCheck and this extension has begun to notify of repeat attack attempts from my known offenders so I am happy that this simple to use plugin should get recognition.

Easy to configure and works.
Use it and sleep some.
Reviews: 97
After I install this small plugin, it can prorent almost over 20 spam registration attempts every day! Think about this: how many spambot will slip into my website if I have not install this plugin?

So I think this plugin is wonderful! Try it if you got too many spam posts on your Kunena forum.
Reviews: 2
I am in the process of developing a Joomla website. Apart from backing up, security and the prevention of undesirables (i.e. spammers) registering and logging onto the website is my main concern. I knew of the StopForumSpam database and wanted a plug-in that could use it. SpambotCheck can use the StopForumSpam database as well as other databases.

The author is contactable and the project is very much alive. When I found some minor bugs the author was very quick to fix and bring out a new version. In fact the author also implemented some extra features that I requested very quickly. The current version (1.1.6) works very well.

Joomla administrators have the ability to set whether each user is checked only on registration or on registration and every login, for peace of mind I prefer (and recommend) to check on registration and every login. Normal users can register and login with no problem.

However spammers who have their details in one or more of the databases that SpambotCheck is configured to check (again set by the Joomla administrator) are prevented from registering and getting added to the user database of your site in the first place. Should a user be added to one of the spam databases after registering at your site then they will be caught next time that they login. A polite message (which Joomla administrator can customise to their own requirements) is issued depending on whether it's a registration or a login denial.

I have no connection with the author at all. Just a very happy/satisfied user of their plug-in.

This is an essential plug-in for any Joomla site to help the fight against spammers!
Reviews: 5
I was getting spambot registrations at the rate of at least one per hour, and was having to continually monitor my site and delete them as soon as they appeared. I had recaptcha and opt-in email enabled for registration, but apparently they found a way past the controller. Anyway - I installed spambotcheck, and it is handling the spambots like a pro. I set it to registration only, and only check the IP. I've doubled checked several of the IP blocked, and they all have been from strange locations and are on spambot lists. Thanks for a great plugin!
Reviews: 1
I don't have an enormous spambot problem, but it's enough to have to keep going into the admin area of the site to clear out spam registrations. I installed this plugin 24h ago, and the spam account attempts have stopped dead in their tracks (and I know real users can still register).
Easy to install, easy to configure and effective.
Reviews: 4
The best extension of it's kind.
No more words needed to define it .
thankyou very much.
Reviews: 19
I was getting very frustrated with spammer registration and spammers adding ads and posts. Make sure you select the webs where you want the checks done as they are not put by default so you can choose which ones to check against. Gone down to zero spam!! My only wish is that I could sent a rude message to them when they register!!!
Reviews: 2
this is a kind of plugin i wanted so far, it works with honeypot spam blocker and it has ip whitelist option coz last time i use plugin just for honeypot rules, even my IP got block, now i can use this white list feature and it was working excellent on my website!
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