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Diginix Menu Generation Component

Diginix Menu Generation for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.0 allows admin user to create menu items for articles quickly. Instead on creating menu link for each article manually, one by one. Diginix Menu Generation helps you to create menu links for articles in bulk with few clicks. Dgnix Menu Generation is a further development of Mass Menu which was only available for Joomla 1.5.

- Filter articles based on keyword, section, category, author and state.
- Option to select articles in bulk.
- Choosing menu to assign articles.
- Option to select template to assign corresponding menu items.
- Compatible with Joomla SEF and other general SEF components.
Update May 16 2013 ===============================================
In the new version 2.0 user is able to link the same content to more than one menu, by user-specified suffix to alias.

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Reviews: 3
This component saved me a lot of time. I just wish if I can choose the the parent menu item. The component creates menu items to a menu as a root. So, I had to use PowerAdmin to drag and drop the new items to each parent item.

Over all this is a must component if you have a lot of articles, where you always should start, and want to create menu items for them.
Reviews: 4
I bought the J 25 version in error and these guys were prepared to email me the J 3.0 version without charging again. I found this very restorative, trusting and professional. A fantastic example for all online software companies who so often defer to distrust.
I will use this company again for sure.
Reviews: 2
The extension is a real time-saver. It works quickly and well. If you have a lot of articles you need to link to, and need to avoid the problems of orphaned content, the component will greatly simplify the process.

I had a few initial "glitches" with the download and install, which were resolved via email.

Additionally, I wanted to be able to link content to more than one menu, something not originally supported. I asked the developer to make a change to allow a user-specified suffix to the auto-generated alias to enable this, and am happy to report that a new version with this capability was done in just a day or two. With that change, I'm happy to give the extension a top rating.

I would like to see the developer choose a better method of handling downloads and updates for the software, as it was a rather manual process to resolve the initial download issues. (I don't count that against the extension itself.)
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a mass menu generator for my Joomla 2.5 site , the other extensions were not right. I decided to give Diginix Menu Generator a chance, and it worked perfectly!