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CUpdater Plugin

CUpdater is a system plugin that will notify you with a mail if there is a joomla or 3rd party extension (only for extensions that have provided an update server) update available.

- intelligent update check - not slowing down your server
- choose the user-group to receive email
- custom email address field
- choose at what interval to make the updates
- receive emails even if no updates are found

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 4
CUpdater is a great plugin and everyone should use this. If you are worried about Joomla! updates, this will keep you updated when new versions are out. Also a great way of getting notified about all your projects.

If all extensions use use the update xml then CUpdater will also notify you when these need updating.

Great tool.
Reviews: 2
Works as advertised. CUpdater is simple to set up, and a great help when you have to manage multiple Joomla! web sites.
Reviews: 11
Works out of the box with an easy setup. Very good.