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Admin Menu K2 Module

Joomla! 1.5 admin menu module with K2 content
This is the Joomla backend admin menu module with support for K2 Content/Articles

To enable the Admin menu with K2 support in Joomla 1.5 please do the following:
1. Go to Tools - Module manager - Administrator
2. Publish the newly installed Admin Menu K2 module
3. Click on the module to open it and change it's position to menu
4. Unpublish the default Admin menu and enjoy

Download links

J1.5 -->

J2.5.6 and below -->

J2.5.7 and higher -->

J3.X -->

Modules for J2 and J3 are only template upgrades of the Joomla Admin Menu module which will now give you options to show/hide both the Default Content and K2 Content menu.

Sorry to keep you waiting with the J3 version.

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Reviews: 6
Version 3 is fantastic! Thanks for putting this together!
Reviews: 23
This is a must for all K2 lovers out there, it will replace the default joomla articles menu - i love it!

Looking forward to see the J3 version!
Owner's reply

J3 version is out, have fun :)

Reviews: 2
This is a must for any and all sites using K2! Can't wait for a version for J3.x!
Owner's reply

Version for J3 is out, have fun :)

Reviews: 11
We install this on all our sites, makes administration much easier for clients. One thing: it will sometimes get removed on Joomla updates. Just reinstall.

Looking forward to 3.0 version
Owner's reply

First of all, thank you for your review. As for module being reset, it's because this is not a new module you are installing, but a new layout and config xml which offcourse gets overwriten on Joomla update. Just reinstall the module and you're good to go :)

Module for Joomla3 is comming soon :)

Reviews: 9
We build all of our sites with K2 so this is a not brainer module. It cleans up the menu of links that we never use and makes it easier for the users to find what they are looking for. Well done.
Reviews: 5
WARNING: The download link directly download the 1.5 ONLY version. I made the mistake of installing that on my 2.5 site. Not pretty!
Besides that though, this is a great extension. It was confusing for me to have to tell my clients to go to components>K2>Items and have a content tab right up front that they never used. This extension fixes that completely! Now with the 2.5 version you can turn choose to hide the standard "content" menu and only display the K2 menu.
Thanks for this great extension!
Owner's reply

Thanx, great i I can help.... Unfortunately JED doesn't allow two download links for each extension version, so this is the only thing I could do :(

Reviews: 15
Very handy module! Works fine on two websites I installed it.

Only a pitty is that the normal articles are only accessible by the control panel, sometimes you'll need both shortcuts.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, in the new Joomla 2.5 module you can choose to show both the default Content menu and K2 Content menu or only one of them.

Reviews: 1
Good module but it didnt work for me on a site with MissionControl (admin)Template
Owner's reply

This is because the MissionControl admin template uses it's own menu module. You could manually edit your menu layout in rtmenuhelper.class.php and change the links, but since it does not use the default activated menu module, it can not work.

Reviews: 4
Nice idea but it didnt work for me on my site as it was always disabled and greyed out.
Reviews: 13
Works perfect, only one cons, it should use a standard lanuage .ini files if it possible. Thanks. I will do a full polish transaltion and put on my blog.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, the new Joomla 2.5 module now uses K2 languages files for menu items.

Reviews: 10
This is one of those simple modules which basically removes the default backend menu which would normally allow you to select Joomla content such as articles, categories, sections etc.

If you or your client is using K2 soley for content creation, then this will prevent then from accidentally creating Joomla content instead of K2.

Use this in conjunction with disabling the Admin Quick Icons, for Joomla Content.

Well done.