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Affiliate Tracker is a complete affiliate tracking tool for Joomla site owners to create a full Affiliate Program. Track referrals, comission sales provided by your affiliates and increase profits and traffic!

The only Affiliate Program tool for Joomla! Create an affiliate marketing area in your site, compatible with VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, K2Store, Emerald, OS Membership Pro, AkeebaSubs… Track sales, user registrations, conversions, referrals and reward comissions to your affiliate partners. Track how much traffic and profits are your ads bringing to your site, and monitorize all your incoming visitors from affiliate links.

This is an incredible powerful tool. It includes all the features you look for to deploy a complete Affiliate Program in your Joomla site and start increasing your profits.

You will be able to track any action you are interested in tracking, see how much money it reports you.

It is compatible with main e-commerce extensions so you can start tracking your affiliate sales immediately for VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, RedShop…

Make beautiful graphic reports with Content Statistics (compatible).

- Automatic affiliate ID tracking
- One centralized area for everything: integrates with VirtueMart, HikaShop, RedShop, PayPlans...
- Multiple accounts & comissions per affiliate possible
- Define your own conversion types (simple API provided)
- Pay your affiliates online (PayPal)

Front-End (what your affiliates will see)

-Users can apply to be affiliates
-Users can request multiple accounts (different IDs, different tracking links)
-Affiliates can view conversions approved
-Affiliates can view commissions earned
-Affiliates can view log of traffic they generated
-Affiliates can view payment history

Back-End (what you, the site admin, will see)

-See all user accounts, approve or reject them
-Set the comission per account, independantly (different accounts can have different comissions assigned, percentage or flat rate).
-See all account generated traffic
-See conversions generated, approve or reject them, set their comission.
-You can manually set any comission or number at any point
-Get notified by e-mail when users apply for new accounts, or when new conversions are achieved.
-Create multiple payouts for multiple comissions for your affiliates, pay them online when you want.

-Track all referrals, see the IPs, see the referer links
-Filter results and search by date range, account, user...
-Integrated with VirtueMart
-Integrated with HikaShop
-Integrated with RedShop
-Integrated with PayPlans
-Integrated with K2Store
-Integrated with Emerald
-Integrated with OS Membership Pro
-Integrated with Akeeba Subscriptions
-Integrated with Joomla users (track user registrations)

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Reviews: 4
For a few years I had been periodically checking for a good affiliates extension for Joomla 2.5, and Affiliate Tracker has proven to be just that. It's simple and fairly intuitive if you have some experience with third-party extensions, and especially if you read the documentation carefully. I have around three years experience of working with Joomla but I'm not an expert and have no coding knowledge - still, it was all straightforward.

I use a custom lesson-booking and payments system on my site, so 'Joomla That!' had to do some bespoke development to integrate this with their off-the-shelf plugin. They did this very quickly and communicated with me throughout the work. Prices and so on were upfront and honest; in my opinion anyone has been 'burnt' before by custom developers should have no concerns about approaching them for this kind of integration. The service and support was absolutely exemplary.

I also had a couple of questions at the end and one styling issue which were resolved very quickly.

I think this extension does everything you could expect from an affiliates system. One thing I'd love to see would be the ability to create a kind-of gallery for banner images, so affiliates could browse through and then copy-paste a snippet of code that would include their individual link. As it is, affiliates are simply provided with an individual URL that they can use however they wish. I suppose that maximises flexibility and keeps it simple.

You can pay affiliates a percentage or a set rate, but as far as I can tell you can't change the rate depending on the product that was sold or the overall price of the sale. That's not something I need but there might be people out there who'd need something like that - their profit margins could differ between products or they might want affiliates to push particular items so could offer better commissions. Apologies if that is actually in there - I have a tendency to skim read...

So overall, Affiliate Tracker provides an excellent way to promote your site with very low upfront costs. I expect it to become one of the most popular extensions in the Joomla directory. The support was probably the best I've experienced, too.
Reviews: 2
I installed the AF into my site with a K2 store, and had problems with getting it to track "guest checkout" users.

Contacted support through their forum - and got an instant reply, they tracked the cause (at this point I hadn't realized it didn't support a Guest Checkout) - over the weekend they developed a modification for the plugin - which now works brilliantly, and, Geminal kept me up to date with progress, so at no point I was left wondering. Great experience, I recommend the Joomlathat Affiliate Tracker 100%
Reviews: 1
I am very impressed with both the plugin and the support provided with the Affiliate Tracker plugin. I have purchased and installed the plugin on a subscription based membership site, and have also installed OS Membership Pro which is integrated with the affiliate program. Initially I had issues with the program not registering a conversion for an affiliate, and emailed support. They responded very quickly and fixed the error in the integration package between the two plugins.

Further to this I had asked for the program to track recurring subscriptions and to assign the affiliate the commission each time the user renewed their subscription. I was quoted a fee to produce this however Support felt this would be a useful addition for all users, so wrote this into the program at no cost and has published this for others to use.

I am very impressed with the way this works - both integrating into the membership software and the affiliate section that affiliates can log into on the front end of the site to view. You have full control over what happens with commissions, and can chose to accept conversions or not in the back end of the site before the affiliate is made aware of the conversion. Emails are sent to all parties so there is no need to have to log in every day and check whether signups have been made. Referrals can be checked through the front end for each affiliate and where the referral originated from. Backend can manage all affiliates and can make payments to affiliates whenever you chose just by clicking on the Pay Affiliate button. This can be linked to PayPal or if the affiliate chooses by a wire transfer.

Great product - thank you.
Reviews: 3
This extension does as advertized, and even more!

The developers have minimal response times, they are very friendly and generally my experience with their software is great!

I'd recommend this extension to anyone!