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Introducing all new JoomBri Freelance.

JoomBri Freelance extension helps to build Freelance or Reverse Auction site in a few minutes.

*** v1.3.x is the final version for Joomala 2.5 and all our future development/releases will be targeted for Joomla 3.3+ ***

* Private-Invite projects to invite selected Freelancers to bid.
* Private Message can be moderated & edited before the recipient reads it.
* Admin can set to hide bid details for all projects from other bidders (sealed project bids).
* Admin can remove bids and transactions from backend.
* Unapproved requests are highlighted on Admin Dashboard.
* Portfolios can be turned off for a particular usergroup.
* Extension checked for CSRF attacks.

The extension has lots of features and below are the highlighted Features.

Highlighted Features:
* Post Featured, Private, Urgent, Sealed and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) projects with Fixed/Hourly types.
* Discussion Forum or Public Clarification Board added.
* Portfolio feature newly added to allow users to showcase their previous projects.
* Reporting for Projects and Profiles with automated action.
* Admin can review Projects and Users before going live.
* RSS Feed for latest projects.
* Built-in private messaging system in threaded view with attachment.
* Integration with JomSocial and Community Builder (direct link to profile pages only).
* Easy to submit Projects/Jobs and to place bids.
* Completely customisable user groups (like Freelancer, Buyer, etc.) linkable to Joomla usergroups.
* Members can sign up based on Memberships.
* Complete finance features such as Deposits, Withdrawals, Escrow Payments.
* Generate profit summary/report.
* Customisable Email templates.
* Notification system when there is a new project, bid, new payments, etc.
* Payments through PayPal, Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout and Bank transfer.
* User defined fields for Profile and Project.
* Ability to upload multiple files to projects/jobs.
* And lots more.

Visit for more features.

JoomBri Freelance has 8 modules and 3 plugins which is included in the package.

Please try our demo site now.

Available Languages (shared by our members): Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish

Keywords: Joomla Freelance Extension, joomla freelance component

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Reviews: 1
This extension speaks for itself. you will get a highly sophisticated system with tons of features and advanced options while maintaining flexiblity and customizability at the same time.

It is very easy to install and deploy and if you are willing to tweak its core to your needs, you will be happy to know the code is very professionally written and easy to understand.

Support is beyond perfection.
Developer team will simply redefine the meaning of support. They are truly helpful, friendly and lightning fast. based on my three subscription periods with them I can assure you that users are not just a name and number in their crm system. they truly value users' opinion. I am impressed that even after months and under heavy work load, they were able to remember me and address a specific request of mine. they are not afraid to do that extra bit of work for you which they don't have to. It is customer satisfaction at its best.
Reviews: 3
I'm actually proud of Joombri's achievement and happy to have been its subscriber. The product is fantastic – it reflects the developer's competence; the support is top notch; and the price is very affordable.

The developer considers our requests and includes them in future releases, which means it has a good future.
Reviews: 36
This extension has everything I was looking for... and quite a few things I hadn't thought of. When I encountered an unusual interaction with the template I am using, the developer responded quickly - noting that the problem was with Joomla itself, and providing an instant and simple fix.

Excellent product. Excellent, standards compliant code. Excellent service.

Did I miss anything?
Reviews: 1
Great product and awesome support. Can't think of any other extension providing a complete professional solution at such a reasonable price. Way to go!
Reviews: 2
I recently purchased this component which is excellent, and having had a small problem I used the support forum, the response was very quick and the support was first class, I highly recommend this product...
Reviews: 1
This extension fulfills a niche need, and it fullfills it wonderfully. The extension is beautifully made and wonderfully coded.

I must say though, the best part is the support. The admins are very quick to respond and to help out with coding suggestions and help. They are constantly updating and making changes based on community requests. They are great.
Reviews: 5
The programmers have done a great job in a very short time with this one. If you look at the changelog on their site you can see how hard they have worked since it was launched, and its developed into a very complete component.
My only criticism is the lack of flexibility. It's evident from the forum that response to requests is often very quick and resulting changes have been made to the extension. However, I think that a better solution would have been to build more choice into the admin end, rather than changing the code to prefer one solution over another. Additionally, there are quite a few features built into the front end which definitely should be optional and more editable. Finally, I would echo a comment below and say that greater integration with Community Builder is a must.
Overall, however, this is a brilliant addition to Joomla's functionality, and will probably just get better and better.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a beauty! It deserves and oscar! Still has a few issues that needs sorting out but the support is very helpful to help with these issues.Thanks for the great extension
Reviews: 1
Components don't mean much when the back-end of support is non existent but Joombri's support is "Fantastic"!

Three times I've needed support so I posted my question before I went to bed (EST) and two of those three times I had a answer when I awoke the next morning. On one occasion it took until 30 hours or so to have a response but when I got it the admin started off apologizing about the delay.

In my experience with the Joombri component of plug and play, hacking & writing custom code to work with it, their component, forum support and wiki documentation is all Excellent and it's made my life easier. Thanks for a great Component Joombri Team!
Reviews: 1
The extensions have a very sophisticated structure and thereby built very simple. So that the loan can fully pull it. Contains many functions which use the major portals.
I had some problems with the adjustment to my needs. I've solved quickly on the forum, and especially about direct support developer.
To be honest, I have not tested it with large data flood. But have no concerns about problems to be easily explained by the developers, and helped with advice.

I just say to developers: SCHAPO
Reviews: 13
Very good extension, for the price really a good component! The support is very fast and resolve all your problem.

Only one things to improve fast: the integration with community builder have to be stronger in the future.
Reviews: 1
I'm from Russia.
I thought it would be very difficult for me to work with this extension, but it turned to be so easy! Even to do it myself!
And when I met something extraordinary which I couldn't understand, the support was much helpful and quick.
There are still different things which I think they need to develop, but still it's very very good already today.
Reviews: 1
Full evaluation of the extension: I would give a 5 star rating as my overall experience.

Courtesy and Honesty: the developer deserves 5+ star rating for their courtesy extended on their forums.

Pros & Cons of the extension and its performance: For me the best Pros for this extension is the aggressive pricing. as of now I've not encountered any con. Performance is a relative terms as seen working with other extensions. But yet, this extension works like a knife on butter.

Level of support received: The developers deserve standing ovation for their prompt support. It is so fast that replies to queries are given within almost minutes of raising the query. 5 star support!

Ease of usage and deployment: Deployment needs as much knowledge as much a normal user would have to register at any "Mail Service Provider". It installs like a breeze and without any hitches you can get your Freelancer website up & running within few minutes.

Purpose of using the extension: I'm going to use this extension commercially for business purpose.

Level of difficulty: Even a beginner could work with this Extension.

Experience level with Joomla and web technologies: Learning curve of Joomla! for a beginner was so short that I could now enter into more complex developments (even when I'm not a developer). I found it scalable as well as very easy for everyone to use, utilize and grow!

All the very best to all Joomla! community!

Reviews: 1
Great extension with outstanding support in buying and installing. With this combination of excellency I can say JoomBri can guarantee your future business in Freelancing 100 percent
Reviews: 1
This component fullfils all expectations for us. It is very customerfriendly and is very customable. And the support is very fast and can help with nearly all questions.
Also special wishes are done for a fair price. We would ever work with joombri again.
Reviews: 1
Right out of the box this extension looks good and works very well.

The customer support team went above and beyond to help me set up my site to meet my specific needs. I needed a few custom things for my site and they wrote modules and installed them for me very quickly and for a very fair price! Also, the support forum is very robust and questions posted there are addressed quickly.

I highly recommend this program and support staff!
Reviews: 1
I must say that they have the best support that I ever encountered with IT companies. High fives!

The product itself is excellent as well. I hope that they will also quickly implement a must-have feature that most of us - users - want: search for freelancers based on their skills. But keeping in mind how good their service is, I'm sure that it won't take them long, to everybody's advantage.
Reviews: 2
This is my first time posting a review to one of Joomla's "Great" components. The freelance component is very easy to use and the support is great! They will update you personally with the changes they've made, especially if you have a feature request. Thanks a lot there Joombri Developers.
Reviews: 6
I used this extension in order to build a reverse auction site.It is a very friendly extension to use it, very simple ,with a lot of features and possibilities.The support is superb,I want a small modification to the extension in order to meet some of my needs and they done it very fast and at a very reasonable price.I think that this is the best extension for building a reverse auction site
Reviews: 1
i purchased this extension couple weeks ago and everything worked just like how it was advertised (even better) - joombri's excellent support team have helped me several times (with immediate response time) to help me with my questions or some major and minor programming changes. i highly recommend joombri for any freelancer projects. they are simply great and know what they are doing
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