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After Success Flip Wall extension we Release new version Sponsor Wall, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

★★ Features List :
-> Slide your Favorite Product with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.
-> Mouse hover on Wall and see Hidden part with Label/Description and Link of product or specific wall.
-> Able to Marketing your Product / Favorite sites / Advertising Sponsorship many purpose.
-> Able to Set Width/Height/Left and Between Wall margin From admin Portion.
-> Easy to Configure and Set with your own Joomla sites with Smooth Rotate Jquery Effect.
-> You will able to set 5 to 50 Wall(1 to 3 row) From administrator Dynamically.
-> Able to Set Any word replace of Link if your link is to long.
-> Able to set any word with Replace of Link Like "Press Me" , "Please Click Here" etc...
-> Able to Set Option for you Want Random wall every-time or not.
-> Also if you want to set Email id replace of back-link then its possible.

★ Update 1.5 Released :-
--> Now you able to change Title Color / Description Color , Link Color and Background Color.

★ Update 2.0 Released :-
-> Now you able to Change Background Color / Title Color / Description Color and Link Color.
-> Resolve Some Minor Error and make Perfect Size settings.

★ Component 2.1 Released :
-> Now Category and Sponsor page combined on one page.
-> Made More Flexible and user-friendly.
-> Category Portion Enable-Disable Function added.

-> Idea Improved and Component supported with joomla2.5 and joomla3.0 version.
-> Single Module you able to use Seperate or with Component data Display.
-> Sponsor wall Plugin also added in package.


★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.



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Reviews: 7
I would have given this extension top marks. However I am marking it down slightly for the following reasons. Firstly, support hasn't been brilliant. Secondly, if you have a drop-down menu then this extension stops it from working properly. Apart from that, it's a really nice extension that could only have some money. Just a shame of the two points I have made
Reviews: 1
The product worked as advertised. It is easy to setup. Great support, great product. Highly recommended it.
Reviews: 1
Perfect Module and Component, very easy to use, just like say in the description and work it great in my site! I use it for my sponsors and look great !! Thanks for excellent product :)
Reviews: 4
The product worked as advertised. I had one small issue which the support was very quick to respond and knowledgeable. I would like to see better documentation with examples but that won't keep it from an excellent review.
Reviews: 5
I was battling to find an innovative way to show of a lot of sponsor logos and this extension does the trick beautifully!
Reviews: 3
I tried a lot of different methods to show off sponsors but this way was the easiest. The logos display effortlessly and without any conflict to scripts. Great support, great product. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
I was searching for an extension to show some sponsors on a site. This Sponsor-Wall extension is just what I was looking for. I've searched for something like that but not one founded that comes close. It is easy to use and amake the configuration. So a great product for little money.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to show sponsors. I did not want to make an article or a html page in a wrapper.
It had to be easy and still add something extra to it.

Sponsor Wall delivered exacly what I wanted and that was well ... a sponsor wall literally. And the something extra was there to. The effects on the logos are very nice and smooth.

The installation and configuration is easy, component and module both. I did have one problem with the component but it turned out be my error in configurating joomla and not an error in sponwor wall.
Before getting this right I did contact support and they reacted fast.
Reviews: 1
Works well, easy to use and makes a nice presentation
Reviews: 1
Works great! Sponsors were very impressed.

Amazing support..questions answered within minutes!

Thanks for a great product.
Reviews: 1
Great working module and component. And a great support departement which will help you right away. Great stuff!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure, runs within minutes! My sponsors are happy
Reviews: 2
I use this extension as a sponsor wall but also to show the company's staff.
All staff members have an individual page where the extension is linked to.
Take a photo instead of a logo and BINGO a fantastic facebookpage.

Support?... Didn't need any.
Reviews: 3
This extension was exactly what I was looking for and needed. There is no other component/module that I tried that comes close. It was fairly easy to use and configure and is very flexible in getting to work the way I wanted.
Reviews: 2
I purchased SponsorDoor some days ago but experienced compatibility problems on my site due to mootools conflicts. I contacted Pulse via email/chat and they immediately offered me SponsorWall as a replacement. I installed and within a few minutes the module was up and running without any problems.
This level of honesty and willingness to help is a very scarce commodity in today's life - thank you Pulse!!
Reviews: 1
Exactly what i needed. Worked as mentioned. Cross Browser compatible too!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this Module/Component since Joomla 1.5 now up to 2.5 and reckon it is one of the best I have on my website
Reviews: 39
This component I use, but its not valid. Need to complete repair. Its with table, not have central style, they insert in code language, and .... Also in admin / what is very important / you can not make sort, what partner is first, second ... I am looking in mysql, but very fanny, but not possible to sort. Support, they answer to me after 48 hours. / they have holiday /. After two post-answer they start to be very nervosity. All complete need more work.
Owner's reply

We already updated Component and resolve many suggestions , over 500+ customers using Sponsor wall Component No worry we will check it again and try to make more perfect thanks for your time and co-operation with us.

Reviews: 1
I had th same problem look like user jacoba55. First I bought Sponsor Door and it didn't run. So the Team from Pulse Extension asked me for using Sponsor Wall for free. Sponsor Wall was up and running. Few days later I tested Sponsor Wall again and it didn't run again. The reason was, few days ago I have been installed the paket "gcalendar" and after uninstalling Sponsor Wall is up and running. Sponsor Wall is a pretty fine extension and the support from Pulse Extension is very good.
Reviews: 1
I bought the Sponsor Doors and it does not work if you have some mootools running. It will clash and the doors will freeze. The text is not wrapped and the link had gone completly.. After some CSS tweaking I had the text wrapped but still no link. .. the team of Pulse Extensions offered their Sponsor Wall to try out for FREE and this one runs very nicely.. SO... I will give a good review for their GREAT service and for the Sponsor Wall. Thank you!
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