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BS Myjspace ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

This component is made for you to give the ability to your users to create personal page. Your users will be able to create, edit, view and delete by themselves their personal page.

Component and modules

** BS MyJspace component
This is the component to create personal pages.

Key features
* Registered user can create a (or several) personal page(s) with a WYSIWYG page editor, name and rename page
* Upload images, medias from editor (optional administrator choices with quotas parameters) to avoid external storage website to use
* Upload files from user admin page to avoid external storage website to use
* Automatic resizing (optional) for images (jpg, png, gif)
* Choose who can see the page: public, registers users or none
* Search for pages name, content... Result displayed as list or nice tab from the component and multilingual.
* A lot of user information tags: create date, update date, last access date, hits, files list ...
* Allow Joomla plugins usage. Users can use pictures or media plugin to create a gallery with user page files uploaded
* Numerous features for administrator with friendly interface to manage a lot of pages
* Ability to use Pagebreak and index; with the plg_pagebreakmyjspace
* Ability to add external image link or url using bbcode format
* Ability to use publishing dates (start and finish)
* Ability or not to use url redirection
* Ability to personalize top page and bottom page (for admin) or in the page (for users) with reserved words
* Ability to use the included Lytebox effect in the page, without any other add
* Languages: fr-FR, en-GB...
* Several others options and features

** BS viewmyjspace module
The mode provides a list of personal pages or the total number.
* Display the number of pages
* Display the list of pages (two kinds). Short order: creation date, access date, name, random by name, hits, none
* Display different icons for: last pages since x days, user online
* Ability to choose the number of pages to display
* Style option for css menu

** BS myjspace search plugin
This plugin adds the ability to search into the personal pages using the Website search box.

** BS plg_pagebreakmyjspace
This plugin adds the ability to split a long personal page into multiple linked pages.

** BS plg_tabmyjspace
This plugin adds a button to help the user to add the provided BS MyJspace tags into the editor.

** Extra plugins to add the Personal Pages URL in the profiles
* plg_user_profilemyjspace plugin for Joomla users profile
* plg_jsmyjspace plugin for JomSocial users profile
* cb_myjspace_tab plugin for CB tab in users profile
* cb_myjspace_field plugin for CB to add field
* Others plugins

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Reviews: 4
Nice module for joomla. Cool and easy features. This made lot easier create joomla blog, usually i preferred WordPress for blog. Now no need extra cms for blog.
Reviews: 4
This module makes easier for me to create blog in joomla, features are awesome and its easy to understand and use.
Reviews: 1
This component is very good.
It has many possible uses. Does what it said's.
And the developer is very active in the forum (Answer the same day) and is still developing the component.
And I feel it will grove.

The Documentation is excellent. Lot to read.

I wish he put one donation button somewhere.

The only thing I see as negative is it uses own DB tables. It will be lot of work exporting if you decide to use another blog/article component.
Reviews: 3
The component is extremely easy to use and configure, and opportunities that are worthy of a lot of dollars and a free ... Works on my 50 templates from RocketTheme, ThemeXpert, XTC and more with every working properly. Every now and then, new updates, which bring more and more opportunities, and everything works like a Swiss watch. Bernard is a master wspacia and not have to ask and wait for the advice and any help. Great respect and hats off.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this component on a travel agency site, for personal pages and travel diaries of some choosen customers
It works well and, very important, Bernard grants a first class assistance.
I had some problems with permission settings and he not only helped me, but also added a functionality I needed.
The component has a lot of options and need a little attention to be configured, but this also grants a lot of freedom; I looked the code for only a little time (as I said the developer solved my problems before I could try to add something by myself ) but I have to say it seems well written and clean, with useful comments along it (sometimes they are in french but often in english).
Very good component, thank you very much Bernard!
Reviews: 1
I installed this on a Joomla 1.5 site. Had some troubles with a few things... mostly from my lack of understanding. It took a while to figure things out and get things set up the way I wanted. There are a lot of options and settings and I had some difficulty understanding how everything works. A step by step instruction and more explanation of what each option means would be helpful. I got quick responses to multiple questions via support forum and private mail.

This component does seem unique - I looked for other ways to do this and didn't find anything else that fit the bill.
Reviews: 10
I liked this extension very much!

I was so happy that after long search I found extension that had all the options I need, all except one.

It would be so cool If user could see just his pages using module.

It would also be great if I could use Joomla access levels instead of just 3 pre-defined.
Owner's reply

Thank for the review! You can use the Joomla ACL for the global configuration for all pages & user and you can use the 3 extra options for a specific page.

For extra usages (see the page using module, extra nneds … ) and questions I invite you to post using my forum for the component.

Reviews: 1
This extension is a really easy to use way of letting your website users create and manage their own personal pages. It's being actively developed, with new features being added all the time.
I had a problem with the configuration of my server which meant it took a while to get it up and running, but Bernard provided exceptional support; in fact a better level of support than I've had for some paid-for components.
Reviews: 1
Any product is or should be rated by the service you receive. Today I downloaded and installed BS Myspace, and ran into two issues.

I went to the Forum and posted my issues. I didn't have to wit long when Bernard started helping me, and in no time both issues was resolved, and the main one was not even his extension's fault but a directory permission error.

I recommend Bernard and this extension to anyone.

Two thumbs WAY UP !!!
Reviews: 1
I've used this extension for a few months now and grown to learn it's subtleties. It's base functionality is complete and flexible. Once you get familiar you can even stretch the features. The key is to have the current version otherwise there could be compatibility issues. I have used JCK editor with this extension with great success. Very easy for end users to manage their own pages.
Thank you Bernard
Reviews: 1
It is the best excellent component to manage pages for the users
Reviews: 18
This extension crashed my site templates !
I do not recommend it.
Owner's reply

I suggest, as others extension authors for your reviews, to post on my support forum to participate constructively in the community extensions

Reviews: 5
I use this component on my site and it working perfectly. I had a little issue at first with the Index that wasn't working correctly and of course as most of the time it wasn't a component problem but configuration error on my side. The support is fantastic and everything was fix quickly. Now my user can create completely page and let their creativity show.
Thank you for this free extension.
Reviews: 1
I found this component e few days ago and I'm very excited. Install was very simple and everything works....But one thing...De pages themselfs do not open. It might be a server config problem but I tried everything but nothing works. Anybody has a idea? I tried to post this on your site Bernard, but I find it difficult to sign in.


Owner's reply

Please use the Forum in my website to fully explain. Read the documenentation and give the maximum of details if you want any help.

Reviews: 1
Again thanks for your module simple install
and works perfect, even some wishes from our side are created by bernard in a few days for free perfect service

Reviews: 8
Very good add on to your site installs and works right out of the box. Would be nice to be able to change the name that displayes in your jomsocial site easy and have a few models to choose from from that's just being lazy you can do that stuff yourself.
Owner's reply

Please use the Forum in my website to fully explain your query to have it included in the plugin for Jomsocial

Reviews: 11
I love hte concept behind this extentsion and it works great untill you start to integrate it with community builder and an authentication login system - bugs galore.

Also would like to see the URL's SEF enabled so that when a users uses there link its stays sef enabled rather than showing the deep article link.

Other wise this componant would have got top marks from me.
Owner's reply

Please send me more details, using the forum in my website. The component work fine in several sites with CB there is no reason it can be the same for you.

Reviews: 19
normally i dont express my undying love for a developer in my reviews - but bernard saulme is a GENIUS and words cannot express the gratitude i feel for this incredible piece of work. i now have a community that is able to create their own free webpage for FREE!! you need this extension. it is a one click install, xhtml valid, seamless with communities like CB with NO BLOAT! just a simply amazing extension. thank you bernard saulme - thank you for all your magic.
Reviews: 1
I had a little trouble getting this intriguing component working, due it seems to some issues specific to my server setup.
Bernard responded within a matter of hours and solved the problems!
I'd heartily recommend this component and its author to anyone interested in quality joomla coding!
Reviews: 8
This is an excellent feature that installed easily and works perfectly, thank you!
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